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Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show 2019

Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai

Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show 2019

Audi AI: ME Electric Car

Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai-Audi AI: ME electric car, the followup to 2017’s Alcon designed for the city travel. The company says it will be 4,300mm long, 1,500mm high and 1,900mm wide, it is similar in size to the Volkswagen ID hatch and Seat el-Born EVs.

Andreas Mindt, Audi chief designer says that many cars are designed “urban cars all look like telephone boxes, and we didn’t want a machine like that.” He adds “It’s still simple and boxy, with clear lines”.

The AI: ME has a 65kWh under-floor battery, which drives a 169hp motor on the rear axle.
There are two tables for the food storage unit and magnetic cupholders.

Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai
Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai

The infotainment and systems can be operated by the big reality display which is controlled by the gestures or by looking at it using built-in eye-tracking cameras. There are also touch panels are available built into the doors.

The interior is softs and tactile. live plants are built into the dashboard and panoramic roof, the inbuilt air filtration to be highlighted.

The Exterior features the front and rear LED lights for the signals to be sent to the pedestrians and the other vehicles.

Volkswagen-I.D.Roomzz Electric Car

The other electric car is from Volkswagen, the company wants to be the first to unveil its latest version the I.D.Roomzz, the all-electric SUV. Its bigger than the I.D. Crozz, which was debuted in Los Angeles in 2017.

The I.D.Roomzz has the key feature three-row seating configuration with the open space interior design.

Interior of it is the front cabin is digital, glass-front panel, the dashboard and steering wheel is in the front of the driver as a visual display. In combination with the I.D.Pilot mode, it can be driven without a driver. It has 4 motion technology, 2 electric motors with the output of 225 kiloWatt (302 horsepower).

Volkswagen-I.D.Roomzz Electric Car

The acceleration is 100 kph in 6.6 secs and regulated speed up to 180kph. I.D. Roomzz is powered by an 82-kWh battery, ranges of up to 450 km (280 mi) under WLTP, or 475 km (295 mi) under NEFZ in China.

The Volkswagens Roomzz, I.D. Crozz, and the Compact I.D. are said to be sold in 2020 globally.

Aston Martin’s Rapide e Electric Car

Aston Martin’s Rapide E will be produced only 155 units. It will have a 65 kWh battery with over 200 miles of range and charges at a 310 miles per hour with an 800-volt charger. It will be able to receive 185 miles in an hour.

It has 2 motors with the top speed of 155 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph with the horsepower of 600 and around pound-feet of torque.


Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai
Electric Cars Unveiled At Shanghai

It will have features which include a digital display that is used to know the information on the car’s speed, battery capacity, motor power, energy consumption, and regenerative performance.


It also has an app that will locate the Rapide E’s location, range, charging reminder. The electric car will be built in the company’s new factory in St. Athan, United Kingdom. 


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