May 19, 2024

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EV Charger Manufacturer

EV Charger Manufacturer

EV Charger Manufacturer-Chengdu Khons Technology Co., Ltd, China’s first manufacturer offers EV Chargers of adjustable 1 phase to 3 phase portable EV chargers.

EV Charger Manufacturer-Chengdu Khons Technology Co., Ltd

EV Charger Manufacturer-Chengdu Khons Technology Co.,  is a manufacturer, Trading company located in South China. They offer EV Chargers and it is dedicated to R&D and sales of new energy electric vehicle connection equipment.

The company is engaged in distribution, export, and import of display products, Electromechanical products, etc.

It focuses and its main business is the development, production and sales of portable chargers and wall-mounted charging posts.

The company offers portable chargers under the brand name ‘Khons,’ they have three different types of chargers.

  •  Portable Charger 16/32A, 32A Max 22kW, AMPS can be switched from 6-32A .3 Phase
  • Type 1 to Type 2, Type 2-2 cables , EV adapter etc. The color can be customized.
  • Type 2 CCS combo connector 150A 1000V for fast charging

Here is one of the company’s EV charger

New Version Intelligent Universal EV Charger-1 phase

Model: G2-KHONS-PE-16A-1P、G2-KHONS-PE-32A-1P
(PA =Type 1 PE=Type 2 P= Phase G2=Generation 2 )


  • Input: 110V-230V 6A–40 A (1 phase) AC
  • Output: 110V-230V 6A–40 A (1 phase) AC
  • Charging power range: 3.5-7.2kW
  • Integrated Residual Current Device(RCD) Operating Temperature: -25℃ to +50℃ IP
  • Rating: In cable box: IP 65
  • Meets Standards: IEC 62752
  • Fulfill Standards: SAE J1772-2012/IEC 62196-2


  • OLED display real data of charging status
  • A timer to pre-set charging time by pressing the button “TIME” Current adjustable from 6A to 32A by pressing the button ”AMPS”
  • Universal EV charger: Portable & Wall Mounted
EV Charger Manufacturer
EV Charger Manufacturer
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