June 12, 2024

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Electric two-wheeler sales in Apr’ 23 – Detailed Report

In India, the month of April marked a significant milestone in the Electric vehicle (EV) market, as it became the seventh consecutive month where the overall EV sales exceeded 100,000 units. This achievement demonstrates the sustained growth and increasing popularity of EVs among consumers in the country.

Electric scooters sales report in Apr 23

The following report provides an in-depth analysis of the electric two-wheeler sales market, offering key insights and trends observed in the industry. As the demand for sustainable transportation continues to rise, electric two-wheelers have emerged as a popular choice among consumers worldwide. This report examines the sales figures, and growth potential of electric two-wheelers, highlighting the factors driving their adoption.

Furthermore, it explores the competitive landscape, showcasing the leading manufacturers and their strategies to capture a larger market share. By delving into the various market dynamics, this report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future prospects of the electric two-wheeler sales industry.

Explore the electric two-wheeler sales report of the top 10 companies that have consistently grown in the EV market.

Electric Scooter     

Sales in March 2023 Sales in April 2023


21,389 units

21,845 units


16,454 units

8,727 units


9344 units

8,316 units

Ather Energy 

12167 units

7,737 units


4,542 units

4,008 units


6,640 units 3,329 units


4,201 units

3,216 units


1,720 units

1562 units


1,591 units 848 units


781 units

770 units

Ola Electric

Continuing its dominance in the electric two-wheeler market, Ola Electric has once again secured the top spot in sales for the current month. This consistent trend has been observed for several months now, solidifying Ola Electric’s position as a market leader. In the previous month, Ola Electric recorded sales of 21,389 units, and in the current month, the company has further increased its sales to 21,845 units. These impressive figures showcase Ola Electric’s sustained growth and popularity among consumers, reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in the electric two-wheeler industry.

Bajaj Chetak

One of the noteworthy highlights this month is the remarkable surge in sales for Bajaj Chetak. Following a strategic price reduction by Bajaj, the sales of Chetak have witnessed a steady and encouraging upward trend. For the second consecutive month, the company has achieved sales figures exceeding 4 thousand units. This positive sales momentum showcases the effectiveness of Bajaj’s pricing strategy and underscores the growing demand for Chetak in the market. The consistent sales performance signifies the increasing appeal and popularity of Bajaj Chetak as a preferred choice among consumers in the electric two-wheeler segment.

Bottom Line

As the Indian electric two-wheeler market gradually expands, there is a noticeable shift in people’s focus towards electric vehicles. This shift has resulted in a surge of electric vehicle start-ups emerging in the country. Looking ahead, we can anticipate an influx of new companies entering the market, introducing their own electric two-wheeler offerings. Consequently, this will intensify competition within the industry, leading to more choices and innovations for consumers in the future.

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