October 20, 2020

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Crazy Electric Bike to Ride-YIKEBIKE MODEL V MODEL C

electric bikes yikebike model v

Riding an electric bike is the most exciting thing in the world. If craziness is added to the excitement the fun will be doubled. YikeBike Model V and Model C E-bikes will definitely add fun to bike lovers. Electric mobility is friendly, cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Let us have a look at the story of YIKEBIKE folding electric bikes.


YIKEBIKE has been developed by a team of impossible possible. Its main theme is to create better personal transport. Yikebike registered 31 Trademarks and Patents till now.33591345 E-Bikes sold each year. The recent invention from Yikebike is MODEL V and Model C.


YIKEBIKE model V is a unique electric bike which will blow your minds with the looks. The model V is made with aluminum material mixed with a reinforced polymer designed to give flexibility to the rider.

electric bike

YikeBike model V Specifications

  • A maximum speed of 23KMh
  • A maximum range of 20KMMaximum range of 14KM
  • Charge time of 90 minutes
  • Antilock braking system
  • Free door to door freight
  • Lightweight electric bike- 13.5Kg
  • Aluminum material is used in the e-bike manufacturing

electric bike

Accessories included in the electric bike package

  1. 3 wheel leg assembly kit
  2. Battery charger
  3. Display stand
  4. Toolkit


The price of YIKEBIKE MODEL C is USD$4995.

electric bike


YIKEBIKE model C is a prestigious premium electric bike. It comes with various features like latest battery technology, with weight reduction and hand laid carbon fiber.

electric bike

YIKEBIKE MODEL C Specifications

  • Charge time of 90 minutes
  • Easy and compact folding electric bike
  • A maximum range of 20km
  • Motor speed 6000rpm
  • A maximum speed of 23KMh
  • Very lightweight – 11.4 kGS
  • Fold time of 20seconds
  • Highly efficient LED light is used for lightning. Front facing White light.The side facing Amber and Rear facing Red.
  • Carbon fiber material is used for rigidity, strength and its resistance to stretching.

electric bike

Accessories included in the electric bike package

  1. Battery charger
  2. Display stand
  3. Storage bag
  4. Shoulder strap
  5. Toolkit


The price of YIKEBIKE MODEL C is USD$7995.

electric bike



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