May 27, 2024

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CRF250R, Honda’s Electric Off-Roader Prototype

CRF250R, Honda's Electric

CRF250R, Honda’s Electric off-roader, revealed in the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019, the CR prototype, CRF250R, has an electric motor, power controller and battery pack.

CRF250R, Honda’s Electric Off-Roader Prototype

The company manufactured different motorcycle it chosen to manufacture an off-roader whereas other manufacturers are busy making electric sportbikes and city bikes.

CRF250R, Honda's Electric
CRF250R, Honda’s Electric

About Honda Motor Company Ltd

Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, established in the year 1999 at Manesar, District Gurgaon, Haryana. The symbol of ‘Wings’ is recognized all over the world.

The Honda motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd., Japan. Honda is the youngest and the second largest two-wheelers company in India.

CRF250R, Honda’s Electric Prototype

The CR electric prototype technical details such as battery size, range, power output, top speed have not been revealed by the company. But looking at the prototype we can describe the CR, it has a twin-spar frame similar to its petrol-powered version, CRF250R.

The knobby tires and suspension are fully adjustable forks up front and adjustable at the rear. It also has the switches on the left side may be used for riding a bike with different modes.

CRF250R, Honda's Electric
CRF250R, Honda’s Electric

Honda’s Partnership With Panasonic For New Battery Development

Honda has been developing the new batteries for e-scooters in partnership with Panasonic. The company is also working for the removable battery packs which will help a rider to swap the batteries instantly charging up their electric vehicles.

Honda Working On Removable Battery Packs

If the company gets to succeed in this, it will solve the problems of the EV users to wait for their vehicles to charge. They can avoid waiting for hours to charge their EVs for the next ride.

The move of removable battery packs will help more to the EV users as it saves time and takes out of panic of the EV users if they run out of battery in the middle of their traveling.

However we have an option of Charging stations, we can see there is a lot of growth happening in setting up a charging station. There are a lot of initiatives taken by the government and manufactures for the installation of EV charging stations

let’s wait for the company to reveal the electric prototype’s specifications, stay tuned to know the specifications.  

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