June 14, 2024

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Charge up, a FineTech platform in the electric vehicle (EV) sector and food aggregator platform Zomato has now partnered to enable Zomato’s delivery partners to get easy financing and leasing options to make a seamless switch to electric mobility. The partnership will also bring sustainable transformation in the last-mile delivery sector in India. This initiative will enable Zomato to reduce the carbon footprint of its vast delivery network across India.

With Charge up now expanding its Battery Swapping Station network to Tier-I, and Tier-II cities, the benefits of the new partnership will continue to reach more Zomato delivery partners going forward.

Zomato Delivery partners cover several kilometres a day, and the emissions from their vehicles add to the mobility footprint in urban areas. There only this partnership will bring about a change.

Switching to EVs, along with access to the extensive network of battery swapping stations, will help the drivers experience 100 percent uptime, leading to a boost in their income – apart from reducing emissions.


Varun Goenka, CEO and Co-Founder, of Charge up, said, “As a climate-tech company dedicated to creating a clean mobility ecosystem in India, Chargeup is offering appealing and simple financing and leasing support to Zomato delivery partners who are ready to switch to EVs. Not only will their carbon footprint decrease but delivery partners will also be able to lock in their costs, and increase their monthly earnings. Our aim is to make their lives simpler and ensure greater productivity. Chargeup has already made significant efforts towards transforming the lives of thousands of e-rickshaw drivers in Delhi- NCR, doubling their incomes. As a step forward, our EVs will enable Zomato delivery partners to make more deliveries without worrying about the rise of fuel prices or a drop in their income levels.”

Mohit Sardana, Chief Operating Officer, Food Delivery, Zomato said, “Through our partnership with Chargeup, our delivery partners will have access to a vast network of battery-swapping stations, ensuring 100 percent uptime and reducing operational costs for our delivery partners. This not only supports our sustainability goals but also contributes to our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of our delivery partners.”

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