August 10, 2020

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CCAX4 Battery Analyser: a boon to EV manufacturers

CCAX4 Battery Analyser: a boon to EV manufacturers

Akshay Gill, an ex-tesla engineer, along with his own company MakerMax has made CCAX4 Battery Analyser. A battery life predictor is a boon for many electric vehicle makers. They can tell the users about the life expectancy of their electric vehicle batteries.


CCAX4 Battery Analyser: a boon to EV manufacturers

MakerMax Inc, a Gurugram as well as Canada-based company makes battery analysers, characterisers and battery management platforms.

Akshay Gill is an ex-Tesla engineer who has worked in the Battery Hardware and Firmware team at Tesla. When he came Back home in India, he discovered that India is one of the few countries that have a huge potential in the field of electric vehicles.

CCAX4 Battery Analyser
Akshay Gill: Founder of MakerMax

He also realized that companies have to invest huge amounts of resources to bring the talent up to a level before they are able to contribute effectively. That’s when his thought of starting MakerMax grew stronger.

They started as a boot strapped company and slowly grew into two locations one in Vancouver and another in Delhi, all with the help of own funds and support from friends and family.


 The team took more than two years and three iterations to come to a successful and compact design of the CCAX4 Battery Analyser. The hardware is designed and developed in Canada whereas the software was developed very cost effectively in India. In that way, they have been able to offer a state-of-the-art equipment at a cost-effective price. The Analyser can not only predict the useful life of a battery but also simulate battery behavior on a standard or customized drive cycle.


This prediction can help in the building of confidence in EV adoption, financing and leasing of the batteries as well as the risk-free offering of warranty. The price of the CCAX4 Analyser varies between Rs. 4 and 5 lakhs which depends on the cloud connectivity, artificial intelligence features and the battery capacity.


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