June 08, 2023

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Bye Aerospace unveils all-electric airplane-eFlyer 800

Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace unveils all-electric airplane-eFlyer 800

A Denver-Colorado based Bye Aerospace has unveiled an 8-seat all-electric twin turbo-prop-class airplane eFlyer 800 which aims at the air taxi, air cargo, regional, and character aircraft markets. The ongoing demand for all-electric airplanes because of their reduced operational costs and much more capacity and utility has made the company build an electric airplane.

While we look for its technical terms, the eFlyer800 provides up to 320-knot cruise speed, 35,000 feet ceiling and 500 nm range. Its safety features include two wing-mounted electric motors with dual redundant motor windings, battery packs-quad-redundant and a full airplane parachute.

Bye Aerospace

Apart from these, the additional features include an emergency landing system, an intelligent algorithm with envelope protection, terrain avoidance and routine emergency auto-land and power solar cells and an in-wheel electric taxi.

Bye Aerospace

It has a seating capacity of 8, 7 for passengers and 1 or for the pilots. Bye Aerospace CEO, George E. Bye said that “The eFlyer 800 is the first all-electric propulsion technology airplane that achieves twin-turboprop performance and safety with no CO2 and extremely low operating costs,” “This type of remarkable economy and performance is made possible by the electric propulsion system and advanced battery cell technology that results in significantly higher energy densities.”

eFlyer Market

The demand for new airline pilots around the world had increased dramatically over requirements from 5 or 10 years ago. However, this may be reduced within 2-3 years. According to the industry forecast, an estimated 763,000 new commercial and airline pilots are needed. It is increased 4.5 times of the 165,000 airline pilots flying. 

The company is focused on two electric aircraft projects at current, one is the 2-seat eFlyer 2 and the FAA 14 CFR 23 aircraft. Bye says that it has several customers lined up for the new models including US and European air taxis, cargo, and character services. The details of it will be announced in the coming days.

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