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BMW 5 Series – A Quick Review

The BMW 5 series is manufactured by BMW since 1972. BMW 5 series cost starts at 52 Lakhs and goes up to 63.8 Lakhs. It is the mid-size luxury car. Till now BMW 5 series came up with seven Generations. The first generation of 5 series mechanized by naturally aspirated inline-4 and straight-6 petrol engines. Remaining generations mechanized by inline-4, straight-6, V8 and V10 engines with both natural aspiration and turbocharging.

Generations of BMW 5 Series:-

  • First Generation(E12 ; 1972-1981)
  • Second Generation(E28 ; 1981-1988)
  • Third Generation(E34 ; 1988-1994)
  • Fourth Generation(E39 ; 1995-2003)
  • Fifth Generation(E60/E61 ; 2003-2010)
  • Sixth Generation(F10/F11/F07; 1995-2003)
  • Seventh generation (G30/G31/G38; 2017-Present).

The BMW 5 series engine has the displacement of 1995 cc.This engine can produce maximum power of 190 bhp and Torque about 400 NM. The 5 series include a safety system with airbag system, Anti –lock Braking System (ABS).This car comes with advanced features like electrically adjustable front seats, and automatic anti-dazzle interior mirrors, gear shift paddles, and cruise control and rear view camera.It can give mileage up to 16 kmpl in city and 18 kmpl on highways.

First Generation(E12 ; 1972-1981):-

E12 is the First generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 1972–1981.These were powered by inline-4 engines. After one year the first of the models powered by a straight-6 engine.

Second Generation(E28 ; 1981-1988) :-

E28 is the second generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 1981–1988.It was produced with petrol 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. E28 came with the center console angled towards the driver and the option of anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Third Generation(E34 ; 1988-1994) :-

E34 is the Third generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 1988–1994.It was launched in the sedan body style. This model has stability control and traction control. It came with wagon body style.

Fourth Generation(E39 ; 1995-2003):-

E39 is the Fourth generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 1995–2003.It was launched in the sedan body style with wagon model. It available with a four-cylinder diesel engine. In this model they used aluminum components in the front suspension.

Fifth Generation(E60/E61 ; 2003-2010):-

E60 is the Fifth generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 1995–2003. The E60 was named “Best New Luxury / Prestige Car” in the 2006 Canadian car of the year awards It came with  including iDrive, head-up display, active cruise control, active steering and voice control. It has safety features like adaptive headlights, night vision, active headrests, Lane Departure Warning and high intensity emergency brake lights.

Sixth Generation(F10/F11/F07; 1995-2003):-

 F10 is the sixth generation of BMW 5 series. Which was produced from 2010–2016.It was available in fastback body style. It came with facilities like electric power steering, double wishbone front suspension, an LCD instrument cluster.

Seventh generation (G30/G31/G38; 2017-Present):- 

G30 is the sixth generation of BMW 5 series. It was announced in October 2016, and sales began in February 2017. G30 body style is available in 4-door sedan/saloon.



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