May 24, 2024

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Battery swapping stations to be set up in India by HPCL and Gogoro

Battery swapping stations to be set up in India by HPCL and Gogoro

A new battery-swapping station is the latest move from Gogoro

As part of a new partnership, Gogoro will expand its existing fleet of battery-swapping GoStations in Asia and the Middle East by installing thousands of new stations.

In an announcement made on Tuesday, HPCL, one of the largest Indian oil companies with more than 21,000 retail outlets, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

A major part of Gogoro’s expansion into India has been the company’s push into the country. Gogoro has received wide acclaim for its IoT connectivity and user-friendly design of its smart electric scooters since its establishment in Taiwan in 2011.

Despite this, Gogoro’s pioneering battery swapping infrastructure makes it stand out from the crowd, making it easier to deal with range anxiety and charging time issues that can accompany electric vehicles. Over half a dozen countries have existing Gogoro battery-swapping stations giving users access to convenient and efficient urban transportation by quickly replacing depleted batteries with fully charged ones.

A new energy ecosystem for two-wheeled vehicles in urban settings is created with the company’s battery-swapping platform, which is licensed to other manufacturers. Gogoro’s batteries have already been used in multiple electric scooters manufactured by Yamaha, and even concept electric cars that are powered by Gogoro’s batteries have been recently seen.

The Indian market offers Gogoro a unique opportunity to expand since two-wheelers have already become the dominant mode of transportation there and are the largest in the world. Additionally, a new electric scooter has been unveiled by the company, designed for off-road travel and suitable for many parts of the country with varying levels of road infrastructure.

Gogoro announced earlier this year that it would expand its business in India by $1.5 billion. Gogoro’s wide scale expansion in the country is marked by this new partnership with HPCL.

The CEO and founder of Gogoro, Horace Luke, has explained the company’s views regarding the collaboration. He said that building out the swapping infrastructure is key to the broad adoption of India’s electric two-wheel transportation system, which is currently undergoing a massive electric transformation. Gogoro has announced that it will jointly develop thousands of battery swapping stations in India with HPCL, one of the country’s leading oil companies. In India, there is no place on earth more in need of smart electric transportation, and Gogoro is partnering with the Indian business community, the government, and other organizations to create an open, accessible, and scalable ecosystem for battery swapping and electric vehicles.

It has become increasingly common for oil companies to be interested in investing in alternative energy infrastructure. Having such a partner is nothing new for Gogoro. A local energy company and Gogoro partnered to install GoStations at many gas stations in Israel when the battery-swapping company brought its electric scooters to the country last year, many of which already have DC Fast Charging stations for electric cars and trucks.

Amit Garg, Director of Marketing at HPCL, as well as Gogoro CEO, has stated that sustainability is imperative. He explained that in India, HPCL and Gogoro have partnered to develop a battery swapping infrastructure for two-wheel vehicles, which will be safe, clean and easily available across all cities, to grow an electric vehicle ecosystem. We can embrace and emulate Gogoro’s platform of battery swapping and electric two-wheel innovation, which has been proven to be a global leader.

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