July 18, 2024

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A fresh look at the Royal Enfield EV platform has been revealed

A fresh look at the Royal Enfield EV platform has been revealed

Power output is expected to be 16kW peak and 9kW continuous

A brand new self-developed platform for electric vehicles is being developed by Royal Enfield as part of its electric program, and the company is making significant progress on two products as part of this project, codenamed L1A and L1K. Some reports claim that the EV team at the company’s corporate office in OMR in Chennai has been given an entire floor as a reward for reaching a critical milestone for the project.

As one of the numerous insiders reported, the L1A will be among the most lightweight vehicle architectures ever developed and it has the potential to carry the Flying Flea badge on it.

In WWII, the Royal Enfield Flying Flea was a lightweight motorcycle that was created to carry messages between airborne troops and assault troops as quickly as possible by dropping it by parachute on the battlefield. Following the war, it served as an affordable means of transportation for many people. In light of that, Royal Enfield would have the option to position the Flying Flea as an entry-level commuter bike targeted at commuters if the electric version was launched.

It is expected that there will be the first ready-to-go L1A bike within the next six months and it will probably be a single-seater. In order to ensure a decent range and performance, the company has made a lot of effort to ensure that the kerb weight of the vehicle is kept at the lowest possible level.

It is also possible that over the next couple of years, at least one of the projects – the L1K – will take on a similar form factor to that of an ADV bike. Powertrains that will deliver continuous power outputs of 9kW, as well as peak power outputs of 16kW are currently being developed in order to deliver a continuous power output for the entire vehicle. As a result, Ather 450X has nearly three times the power than its current 350 cc motorcycles, and the Ather 450X is almost three times the power than the Ather 350X motorcycle.

It is expected that both the L1A and L1K motorcycles will be powered by battery architectures that have a voltage range of 60 to 120 volts, while the motorcycle based on the Stark VARG’s architecture may have a battery voltage range of 350 volts, which is four to five times higher than that of the Tata Tiago EV. In addition to the LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery found on the Oben Rorr, there is also a 48-60 volt lithium ferrous phosphate battery being considered for use as an inexpensive alternative.

In the coming years, Royal Enfield intends to produce 60,000 units of the L1A and L1K bikes, which is expected to double in 2026, and it is expected that a significant portion of the models will be exported.






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