May 28, 2024

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Bamboo Electric Bike from Banatti-The Green Falcon

The Green Falcon

Philippines based company Banatti released worlds first bamboo electric motorcycleThe Green Falcon‘.The word Banatti comes from the Filipino word BANAT, which is to go fast, to hit it, or to push it. The icon of Banatti is from the Baybayin.

Philippine government plans to plant a total of 1 million hectares of bamboo over the next three years – and as a result, Meep is looking for ways to turn bamboo into a highly durable and resilient material, with a variety of practical applications.
The Green Falcon

Features of the Green Falcon:

The green falcon is capable of reaching a top speed of 120kmph, but due to the government speed restrictions in the Philippines, the speed was restricted to 60kmph.

  • Top speed of 60 Kmph
  • Milage of 50 Km
  • A range of 27-31Miles per charge

The Green Falcon

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