June 23, 2024

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Bahubali e-Rickshaw Specifications, Review and Price

Bahubali e-Rickshaw

It is from the Bahubali e-Rickshaw company. The electric vehicle comes under the three-wheeler category. Eco-Friendly, Fastest & Maximum finance Facility available, Masculine Looks, Great Ergonomics etc are some of its features.

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Bahubali e-Rickshaw Review


  • Motor Power is 1480 Watt (Tested by ICAT)
  • Maximum range is 70 to 100 Km per charge
  • Charging Time is 7 to 10 hours
  • Seating capacity is 4+1(Driver)
  • Battery Rating is 120Ah / 130Ah / 140Ah
  • Top Speed is 25 KMH
  • Body Weight is 203 Kg

Price and Launch date of EV

The price of the EV is 1.25 Lakh and launched already in India.

EV images

Bahubali e-Rickshaw
Bahubali e-Rickshaw

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