May 27, 2024

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Automatic Driving Electric Cab-Microtransit eCab

ecab microtransit

There is a famous quotation from Harvard Business Review-“The future of urban mobility will be in electric golf carts“.After looking at this microtransit ecab we need to agree that. This ecab is a fully autonomous electric cab which can drive on its own. It is presently traveling on North American roads.

Watch eCab Live Drive in the below Video


Telematic devices provide a one of its kind data aggregation platform that allows for efficient deployment to meet any demand capacity.

ecab microtransit

Ease of use

Getting a ride is a snap! Waive one down along the dynamic route, call our geo-fenced, dedicated dispatch line.

ecab microtransit

Reliable, Safe, and Fun!

Electric Cab North America assures Fun ride guarantee with the ecab with its unique design and performance.

ecab microtransit


Electric Cab provides cost-efficient, zero-emission micro transit services to remote areas, urban cores, corporate campuses, and master planned communities.

ecab microtransit

Electric cab works on the 360-degree viewing angle

360-degree Vehicle-to-X ride along using NXP technology

ecab microtransit

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