June 15, 2024

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Australia unveiled its new EV policy

Australia new EV policy

Australia unveiled its new EV policy

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the federal government’s new electric vehicle strategy to encourage people to buy electric vehicles. Read further to know more about Australia new EV policy. 

Australia new EV policy

The government said that it has ruled out subsidizing the expansion of electric and hybrid vehicles and expects only 30% of new sales to be EVs by 2030. It has allocated an additional A$250 million for electric vehicles, primarily aimed at charging infrastructure. But the plan doesn’t provide financial or tax support to help Australian motorists to switch to an eco-friendly vehicle.

The federal government has revealed its strategy to boost low emission vehicles including some $178 million in funding for charging infrastructure (EV and hydrogen). It said that it will be helping the businesses set up charging stations for fleets and would “co-invest with industry” to install an estimated 50,000 smart chargers in homes.

However before the last election in 2019, Morrison denied his support for electric vehicles at a press conference in Melbourne. He said the battery-powered cars would not “tow your trailer.” “It’s not going to tow your boat. It’s not going to get you out to your favorite camping spot with your family.” Morrison claimed his criticism had been limited to Labor’s then-policy, not the technology itself. He said he did not regret saying EVs would “end the weekend”.

Last week in COP26 (26th United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021) Australia had signed a global agreement to make electric vehicles the “new normal” by 2030. One in three cars being electric vehicles hardly meets this goal.

In 2019, government modelling predicted electric vehicles would comprise 27% of new sales by 2030.So the new measures announced will lead only to a 3% increase that will anyway happens. As per the government policy that said 30% of all new car sales being electric by 2030 which means 1.7 million electric cars on Australian roads.

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