June 24, 2024

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Aslov’s Hyena Electric Scooter Brand is Looking to Expand into South Indian Market

electric scooter Hyena M1

Aslov Auto , a Bhopal based auto mobile company founded by the Indian Navy Veteran and the Ex Reva-engineer.

Mohit Nagaich , one of the founders and as well as CEO of the Aslov Auto has 15 years of extensive EV industry experience in various capacities.

Mohit has started the Aslov EV along with his father Awadesh Nagaich, a retired Indian navy marine engineer.   The father sun-duo,  two of the countries best engineers together with their great vision towards re-defining the last mile commuting has started the Aslov Auto in Bhopal , Madhaya Pradesh in the year of 2018.

Hyena M1 electric scooter

They both has a great vision to make quality electric scooter speially keeping the safety of the rider at the center of the design ( e.g:  They have considered LFP battery from day1 while the rest of the industry is focusing on NMC chemistry battery).  They also has the  great vision to keep the cost optimised  in all possible means to make it affordable to rural Indians too.

Their engineering excellence together their passion towards serving the Indian public has resulted in producing the  Made in India low speed Hyena M1 electric scooter and also getting the approval from ICAT.  Hyena M1 electric scooter is a no license , no registration low speed electric scooter.

Aslov Auto engineering team has worked hard for almost 2 years to unveil their Electric Scooter Hyena M1 and they have launched their vehicle officially in the year of 2020.

They have sold more than 100 vehicles so far and testing these vehicles for last 3 years and keep refining the vehicle components to achieve the quality.  They have not rushed to sell 1000’s of vehicles without they themselves test the vehicles,  they used the vehicles personally along giving vehicles to a lot of friends and family network to test in last  3 years.  Mohit and his father both have used the vehicles personally for local commuting for close to 3 years.

After testing the vehicles extensively , now they have a strong conviction to make it available in all Indian states.  A completely  Made in India low speed Electric Scooter, as per them perfectly suites to Indian road conditions.

Aslov Auto is looking to expand from their Bhopal plant to South India and looking to find a place to setup their local plant in South India with the ambition to make 2000 vehicles per month.  As per the CEO of Aslov, he is looking forward to offer 100 to 200 jobs from this plant.

Hyena M1 Electric Scooter Models & Highlevel Specifications:

Hyena m1 lite  ( 55000 INR + GST )
Range 7O km
Battery 48v 24 ah ( LFP )

Hyena m1 std  (80000 INR + GST )
Range 90km.
Battery 48v36ah (LFP)

Hyena m1 advance  (1,10,000 INR + GST )
Range 180km
Battery 48v72ah  (LfP)


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