May 24, 2024

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Altigreen announces the release of a new electric vehicle.

Altigreen has introduced a new variant.

The Bangalore – based Altigreen was founded in 2013 as a technology enabler for electric vehicles. In order to create a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, The company was striving to develop an electric drivetrain. Altigreen’s technology has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Indian environment and commercial conditions, And it has begun producing vehicles starting in 2018. It will initially provide only three – wheeler vehicles.

Currently, Altigreen has two different models, one of which is high deck and one of which is low deck, Both of which are primarily intended to supply the goods.

On the occasion of 10th anniversary, The company announced the launching of the NeEV Bhai edition. In this article we will discuss about this variant, its features, and everything we need to know about it.

The Altigreen NeEV:-

It is available in the colour variant white. This vehicle includes an inbuilt camera, a 3hours battery life duration, a certified range of 135 kilometers, an 18% durability, a 5 – years extended warranty, and can be customized as a flatbed with additional earnings of 10,000 rupees over CNG and Diesel vehicles.

This model includes a camera sensor that alerts the driver when he is parking the vehicle. Altigreen also offers other three variants including High deck, Low deck, and a NeEV TEZ.

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