May 23, 2024

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Air Pollution Alert! Next city may be yours!

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Alert! Next city may be yours!

We have been listening since the past few days how air pollution has hit the Delhites. They are struggling to breathe as the air is covered with thick smog and is literally become a gas chamber. The air pollution in Delhi had reached to the hazardous level, above 400 as per the Air Quality Index (AQI). So lets us discuss about Air Pollution. 

Air pollution in Delhi

The city’s 30 flights were diverted for low visibility, schools are shut under a public health emergency and construction activities are banned. Supreme Court of India prohibited bursting of crackers after Diwali and cars with odd or even number plates are only allowed to drive on given days. But these are just temporary solutions that the government is finding to shut the voices of the people. 

Reasons for Air pollution in India 

There are many reasons for the cause of air pollution in the country but have we ever noticed, why it is happening and how we can stop it? It is each and individuals responsibility including government and public to take initiative in reducing emission levels.

The reasons for the air pollution is the ICE vehicles, farmers burning stubble and industrial waste emissions, whatever the reason may be, it needs to be addressed by the government and also by the people because we, the people are equally responsible to keep our environment safe.

How air pollution can be reduced  

With the government initiative, the pollution levels can be reduced all over India, especially in North India where the situation is really worst and also the top 10 cities which have been recorded in the list of most polluted cities in the world must not be neglected.

We can control the emission levels by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles as much as possible as it doesn’t contribute in emitting harmful gases such as CO2 from the vehicle and banning of ICE vehicles will also help in reducing the emissions levels from the vehicular sector.

Government is already providing some incentives for electric vehicles but that is not sufficient for the people to fully adopt EV. Whereas about the agricultural sector, India has many laws for everything including stubble burning, it can impose that law by providing the farmers to provide financial incentives. It is already providing subsidies for the purchase of some of the machines but that is too costly for the farmers to purchase. Hence, leads them to burn the stubble. Only government incentives are not sufficient, the corporates can contribute through their CSR (Corporate social responsibility).

Ban of ICE vehicles in India 

Earlier, a panel led by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has recommended a complete switch to electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers. The ban on all internal combustion engine (ICE) three-wheelers on Indian roads by March 31, 2023, and the ban of two-wheelers which are below 150 ccs by March 31, 2025, to make India a hub for manufacturing electric vehicles also to make India from pollution-free. 

But this decision was later taken back as India was witnessing a significant level of down in sales and also many jobs have been lost due to ban of petrol, diesel vehicles in India as it is affecting the auto industry, Indian Economy.

Ban of ICE vehicles in other capitals 

Whereas, if we see some other capitals such as Amsterdam, Netherland’s capital will ban all the gas-powered cars by 2030, recently announced a plan to ban all the vehicles running on gas or diesel.

Similarly, Madrid, a central capital of Spain restricted the access to gas vehicles made prior to 2000 and diesel vehicles to 2006.

Rome has taken the pledge to ban diesel vehicles by 2024. The Danish government wants to eliminate gas and diesel cars by 2030 and hybrids by 2035.

Many countries are taking initiatives to eliminate pollution levels in the country as it is the need for the people to take a step now, otherwise, the future will become worst to live in.

This is a man-made disaster! and can be solved if the action is taken now and millions of lives can be saved before its too late. 

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