May 18, 2024

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80 electric buses launch in Mumbai

80 electric buses

80 electric buses launch in Mumbai. It has signed an MoU with the workers union,’BEST’ undertaking which completed the two orders yesterday to obtain 450 AC and non-AC mini and midi buses by the year-end.

80 electric buses launch in Mumbai

To provide eco-friendly mobility in the country, the BEST aims to manufacture 100 e-buses in the fleet by next year.

General manager Surendrakumar Badge, BEST

General manager Surendrakumar Badge, BEST said that “We are serious about introducing more buses on roads as there is an urgent need to improve frequency on several bus routes, ensure buses arrived at stops on time and provide better services.”

26 lakh commuters reduced 

The BEST numbers of commuters have been reduced to 26 lakh. commuters wait for a long time as much as 45 minutes on bus stops which is making them frustrated.

BEST aims to target 100 e-buses in the fleet by next year

The BEST aim is to bring in as much as buses on road sufficient for people. which may also divert people to use public transportation instead of using private cars for their everyday commutes.

Antony Garages Pvt Ltd & Shrikrupa Services Pvt Ltd

Antony Garages Pvt Ltd and Shrikrupa Services Pvt Ltd had been given the contract. They will deliver the buses in three phases.

The first phase will include 50 mini AC buses, 50 mini non-AC buses and 12 midi non-AC buses expect to launch in September. The second phase will have 100 mini AC buses, 100 mini non-AC buses and 25 midi buses launch by October-end. The 113 mini and midibuses will launch in November end.

The union promised to withdraw its agitation and court case making a way to a total of 1,250 new buses in the coming two years.


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