May 24, 2024

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Xoom 160 and 125R scooters unveiled at EICMA 2023 by Hero MotoCorp

Xoom 160 and 125R scooters unveiled at EICMA 2023 by Hero MotoCorp
  • Xtunt 2.5R stunt bike from Hero MotoCorp.

  • Future motorcycles with liquid-cooled engines may incorporate the Xtunt.

There were several new motorcycle models and concepts unveiled by Hero MotoCorp at EICMA 2023. A couple of the scooters that will be launched in March 2024 are the Xoom 160 and Xoom 125R scooters. Several concepts were also revealed at the event, including the Vida electric model and the Xtunt concept, as well as different concepts from the Vida brand.

The following are the key announcements that Hero MotoCorp made at EICMA 2023:

Hero Xoom 160 Maxi-Scooter & Hero Xoom 125R

During EICMA 2023, Hero MotoCorp unveiled its entry into the 160cc maxi-scooter market with the Xoom 160. Xoom 160 features a 156cc liquid-cooled engine with a silent starter and i3S Technology, which is expected to compete with Aprilia SXR 160 and Yamaha Aerox 155. Additionally, it has dual chamber LED headlights, split LED taillights, and block-pattern MRF Zapper Kurve tires mounted on 14-inch wheels. In addition to keyless ignition and remote seat opening, this scooter is equipped with a ‘Find My Scooter’ feature. March 2024 is the anticipated launch date for this maxi-scooter.

Hero MotoCorp intends to capture the sporty 125cc scooter market with the Xoom 125R. An electronic speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation are also included on the scooter, as are 14-inch alloy wheels with MRF Zapper tires. Additionally, the segment is introduced to sequential LED blinkers. Like the Xoom 110, the Xoom 125R features a sporty body design. A launch date of March 2024 has been set for the project.

In his remarks during the unveiling event, Vikram S Kasbekar, executive director and head of global product planning, declared that both scooters are nearing the stage of being ready for production, which in turn indicates that a formal launch of the scooters will be happening in the near future. As of right now, there are no further specifications available for the product.

The Electric Concepts and Hero2.5R Xtunt

Hero2.5R Xtunt

Additionally, Hero MotoCorp presented several concepts to the public, including the 2.5R Xtunt, a stunt bike designed specifically for stunt riding. It appears that the Hero Karizma XMR engine, based on the Xtunt, will be the base engine for the Xtunt, which will likely be a 250cc engine, and this engine may be used in future motorcycles as well. A number of other features are also included in this concept, such as ‘active aero tech’ and ‘follow-me drone’ capabilities.

European arrival of Vida Electric Concepts and Vida V1 Pro 

In order to promote the Vida brand, two electric concepts have been introduced under the name Lynx and Acro. A new electric dirt bike, the Lynx, is what could be considered to be a result of Hero’s partnership with Zero Motorcycles. It weighs just 82kg and is powered by a battery. With its three-point adjustable frame, the Acro is an electric off-roader designed for children ranging in age from 3 to 9 years of age.

Hero MotoCorp also announced that the Vida V1 Pro will arrive in Europe and the United Kingdom in the coming months, at this year’s EICMA 2023. Additionally, there will be a one-seater Coupe variant that will be available as well. It was also announced at the Vida V1 Pro’s Indian launch last year that the manufacturer stressed the e-scooter’s versatility.


Source of info: CNBC-TV18


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