June 20, 2024

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Volvo Debuts World’s First EV Battery Passport with EX90 SUV

Volvo Debuts World’s First EV Battery Passport with EX90 SUV


Volvo is taking a leap forward in electric vehicle (EV) transparency with the introduction of the world’s first EV battery passport. This innovative feature will be launched on their upcoming EX90 SUV, slated for release later this year.

The EV battery passport acts like a digital record, providing crucial information about the battery’s makeup. This includes:

  • Battery composition: Details on the materials used in the battery.
  • Material origin: Transparency regarding where the raw materials for the battery were sourced.
  • Recycled content: The percentage of recycled materials used in the battery’s construction.
  • Carbon footprint: Data on the environmental impact associated with the battery’s production.

This collaboration between Volvo and the UK-based startup Circulor utilizes blockchain technology to track the battery’s supply chain. Blockchain’s secure and transparent nature ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data stored in the passport.

Volvo’s initiative comes ahead of a 2027 European Union mandate requiring all new electric cars sold in the region to have battery passports. This move by Volvo signifies their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices within the EV industry.

Here are some potential benefits of EV battery passports:

  • Increased consumer confidence: Buyers can be assured of the ethical sourcing and environmental impact of the battery in their EV.
  • Improved battery recycling: Having a clear understanding of battery components can aid future recycling efforts.
  • Standardized data collection: EV battery passports could establish a uniform system for tracking battery information across the industry.

The introduction of EV battery passports is a significant step towards a more transparent and sustainable future for electric vehicles. With Volvo leading the charge, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the EV landscape.

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