August 06, 2020

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Upcoming electric scooters list 2020

Upcoming electric scooters list 2020

Upcoming electric scooters list 2020

Electric vehicles are becoming popular every day as the Indian automotive industry’s two-wheeler segment is much popular and counts much higher sales than any other segments in India. As it is used by more than half of the population for their everyday commutes. We have witnessed the growth and interest of the people for electric vehicles much last year. So we have brought some of the top upcoming electric scooters list of 2020.  

Upcoming electric scooters list 2020

Versatile Ve Lithium electric scooters

The Hyderabad based Versatile auto components limited is all set to launch India’s most affordable li-ion battery scooters this January ending. 

The company is offering three range variants such as 45 km range, 55 km range and 90 km range respectively with this electric scooters-VE45 li, VE55 li and VE90 li. These electric scooters prices start from 25,000 rupees. No license, registration required for these electric scooters as they are low-speed models with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. 

The company is offering a 1.6 to 2 years warranty on these electric scooters.  It will take 4-6 hours of time to charge it fully. Its Load capacity is 150 kg and is best suited for short-distance commuting.

It will cost you only 1 – 2 rupees on a full charge on your electricity bill. 

ePluto 7G

Another startup from Hyderabad purge EV is all set to launch its first high-speed electric scooter ePLUTO 7g in the first quarter of 2020. 

This electric scooter works with a 1.5 kW BLDC motor. The ePluto 7g can run with a top speed of 65 kmph and gives a range of 120 km on a single charge. The lithium-ion batteries are detachable and easy to charge at your comfort. It will charge in 3 hours and its loading capacity is 180 kg. It will cost 4-6 rupees on your electricity bill to charge it fully

The company is offering 3 years of warranty on these electric scooters and are best suited for city commutes.

 The price of this electric scooter is between 90 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. 

Black smith b3

Tamil Nadu startup Blacksmith electric is all set to launch India’s fastest electric scooter blacksmith b3 in the first half of 2020.

The B3 can run with a top speed of 120 km/h with its powerful 5 kW AC motor. The lithium-ion batteries can give 120 km of range. It charges in 4 hours and its load capacity is 200 kg. 

This scooter supports battery swapping technology and the company is offering 3 years of warranty on the battery. It costs you 12 rupees to charge its battery to fully.

The price of this electric scooter is 1.5 lakh rupees. 

Benling Aura

Delhi based electric scooter startup Benling India is high-speed electric scooter Aura at the end of January. 

The scooter works with a 2.5 kW bldc motor which delivers a top speed of 65 km/h, with a full charge, the scooter can give 140 km of range. It uses a Lithium-ion battery and can charge in 3.5 hours. The scooter supports battery swapping technology and offering 3 years warranty on the battery. 

The price of this electric scooter is 1 lakh rupees. 

TVS Creon

Tvs motor’s most awaited electric scooter Tvs Creon is most likely to launch in the 2nd half of 2020.

It is a high-performance scooter that works with an induction motor. The scooter can deliver a maximum power output of 10 kW. The high power motor helps the Creon to run with a maximum speed of 115 km/h. It also supports fast charging where 80% can be boosted in 60 minutes. However, the range of this electric scooter is 80 Km. 

The electricity bill for a full charge is 8- 10 rupees. Its load capacity is 200 kg and the warranty on this scooter is 3 years. 

The expected price of TVS Creon is 1.2 lakh rupees. 

Ather 450 X

India’s most advanced electric scooter Ather 450 is all set for a grand launch of its updated version with a new name Ather 450 X at the end of January. The Ather 450 X is much powerful and gives a high range of electric compared with the previous Ather 450.

This electric scooter will be available in 10 cities in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru will receive the scooter first and followed by Ahmedabad, Kochi, Coimbatore and Kolkata. 

The specifications and price details have not yet revealed. We need to wait for a couple of weeks for complete specifications details.

Bajaj Chetak

Without any doubts, the Bajaj Chetak is the most wanted electric scooter of 2020. The chetak has made a grand launch on January 14, 2020.

Bajaj has placed a powerful 4kW bosh motor in the electric chetak which gives a top speed of 60 to 90 km/h. Its lithium-ion batteries are non-removable and it gives 95 km of range on a full charge. 

It is available in 6 colours and its charge time is 4 hours. It costs 8-10 rupees on a full charge. Its loading capacity is 200 kg and its offering 3 years of warranty on the battery.  

The scooter’s ex-showroom price is 1 lakh rupees for a base version and 1.15 lakh rupees for the premium version. You can book this Chetak electric scooter, bookings are open from January 15th with a pre-booking price of 2,000. 

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