June 23, 2024

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Unveiling the Gogoro CrossOver e-scooter with a range of 111km

Unveiling the Gogoro CrossOver e-scooter with a range of 111km

The CrossOver GX250 goes on sale now; other variants follow in 2024

The Taiwanese company Gogoro has launched its battery-swapping ecosystem in India, launching its first Indian-made smart scooter, the CrossOver GX250. B2B customers in Delhi and Goa will be able to purchase this system as soon as possible, while Mumbai and Pune will follow in the second quarter of 2024.

Gogoro’s Founder and CEO, Horace Luke, has stated that the global urban transportation landscape is on the verge of a dramatic change, and India is well positioned to play a leading role in the transition to sustainable consumer and business transportation, with over 250 million mopeds and motorcycles. In the context of the Gogoro CrossOver series, which embodies everything the brand has come to represent, the new CrossOver GX250 is designed with increased seating capacity, greater storage, and greater ground clearance to meet the needs of Indian riders.

With its redesigned all-terrain frame, the CrossOver series provides increased rigidity and comfort, as well as an array of storage, riding, and customization options. It is expected that the CrossOver will be available in India in three versions: the CrossOver GX250, CrossOver 50, and CrossOver S. However, the CrossOver GX250 will be available immediately, with the CrossOver 50 and CrossOver S shipping later in 2024.

Get to know CrossOver GX250 E-Scooters

A new all-terrain frame has been developed by CrossOver which provides increased rigidity for improved strength and stability. Manufactured in Maharashtra, the CrossOver GX250 is designed to operate in a variety of road conditions. Gogoro’s new frame has also been designed to provide 176mm of ground clearance, the highest in the company’s current vehicle lineup.

With its 2.5 kW Direct Drive, the CrossOver GX250 is capable of top speeds of 60 kph+ and a range of 111 kilometers. In addition to increasing the durability of the suspension system and accommodating larger loads, the CrossOver GX250’s new frame design provides greater comfort and stability while accommodating larger loads.

With a new mounting point expansion system that includes 26 locking points, the CrossOver GX250 is designed to adapt to a variety of riding situations. It provides ample space for passengers and ample storage space. The CrossOver GX250 is equipped with four distinctive cargo areas which include a platform-style headlight, a footwell, a seat and the rear cargo area. This design allows the CrossOver GX250 to accommodate most storage requirements. Depending on the amount of cargo to be carried, the rear seat can be flipped up or removed to provide additional storage space.

It was announced in August that the CrossOver GX250 had been certified for India by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT). A Gogoro CrossOver GX250 was the first foreign two-wheel OEM to be recognized by SIDBI for its EV financing programs in November.

Furthermore, Luke stated that there has been considerable interest in Gogoro battery swapping technology, Smartscooters, and technologies in India, and they are looking forward to launching commercially with a variety of partners. The last-mile delivery riders, on average, travel six times as far as consumer riders, thus enabling them to adopt smart sustainable electric transportation can have a significant impact on the city as a whole.

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