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Toroidion 1mw Electric SuperCar-Concept Electric Cars

Toroidion electric supercar

Toroidion 1mw is an electric supercar launched by Toroidion on 16 April 2015 Globally. It is a street legal electric vehicle designed, developed and built entirely in Finland. It is a concept electric car which is operated on 40 to 90 Volts i.e, 200A phase current.

Toroidion electric supercar
Toroidion 1mw super electric car

Features of Toroidion 1mw Electric SuperCar

  • Scalable performance
  • Lightweight components for better performance
  • Lightweight high-performance batteries for better mileage
  • Rapid battery swap for optimal usage
  • Suitable for the race track and street rides.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High efficiency, longer range

Toroidion electric supercar

Toroidion Electric SuperCar Gallery


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