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Top 50 Indian electric vehicles (EV) start-ups

Top 50 Indian electric vehicles (EV) start-ups

The Rise of Electric Vehicles: An Electrifying Era Begins


Global warming is one of the planet’s greatest challenges, and countries are searching for solutions. Businesses and start-ups, as well as governments, have a crucial role to play in tackling this problem.


India will play a key role in this sector as it has the world’s third-largest number of start-ups after the US and China. Additionally, the Indian automotive sector is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of buses, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers. This paved the way for the disclosure of the market size and the associated opportunities that will underpin its growth momentum over the next decade. Electric vehicles (EV) markets are growing rapidly around the world. India’s electric vehicle sector is also growing rapidly and is expected to grow to US$113.99 billion in 2009. Growth in this area is primarily due to increased investment. According to previous studies and reports, India’s electric vehicle industry attracted $6 billion in investments in 2021. It is expected to attract $20 billion by 2030. 


With vehicular pollution contributing to global warming, clean mobility is crucial. Ather Energy, Altigreen, BOLT, and Baaz Bikes are some Indian electric vehicle (EV) startups. As of 2027, India is expected to have $15,397 billion in EV sales from small and large startups.


In addition to providing sustainable mobility, energy infrastructure, and commercial mobility, Indian EV start-ups also provide battery management systems. Additionally, it reduces CO2 emissions and provides a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. Since the 20th century, gasoline vehicles have dominated the Indian automobile market. This is because gas is readily available, inexpensive, and comes in a wide range of models. However, the situation is now changing rapidly and more attention and consideration is being given to gasoline vehicles’ damage to the environment.



The Indian electric vehicle market is still young. According to a Tracxn report, there are 486 EV startups in India. Only 1.3% of vehicles sold in India in 2021 will be electric, according to a study by RBSA Advisors. The Government of India has also recognized the importance of this fact and announced policies such as the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan. In addition, the “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles” (FAME) program will be launched.

State governments support the electric vehicle startup community through policies and programs. Moreover, India is home to the world’s fourth-largest automobile market, so there is plenty of room for the electric vehicle industry to expand. Electric vehicle pioneers have made incredible innovation, design, and sustainability strides. With the government, EV start-ups, and automotive service providers all working hard towards that goal, 2023 is doubtless a pivotal year to lay the groundwork for India’s goal of becoming an all-electric vehicle nation. Do not have. Consequently, the electric vehicle industry will present rich prospects for rapid growth. These prospects include increased market participation, future business opportunities, charging stations in public places, and electric vehicle repair and maintenance.


While 2023 holds many promising prospects for the industry, it also presents some key challenges to overcome. This is the case when electric vehicles revolutionize the transportation sector. The future will face many challenges, such as infrastructure still under construction, adapting to conventional vehicles’ performance, offering other fuel options, and early segregation of e-waste. 


Let’s look at some of the Indian startups that are helping keep the planet healthy and green through their technology and products. 


The Top 50 Promising Electric Vehicle Startups in India in 2023




3EV designs builds, and operates three-wheel electric vehicles that deliver real-world performance. They have decades of experience in off-grid, renewable energy, and power electronics. These vehicles meet the market’s real demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. 




Altigreen is a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) technology and last mile transportation (LMT) solutions for commercial two-, three- and four-wheelers. To fit the Indian environment and business conditions, Altigreen’s technology has been designed specifically for that country. 




In the year 2000, Ather Energy was founded in Bangalore, India, as a company that produces electric vehicles. As a result of a collaboration between Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, the company was founded in 2013. The company makes two electric scooters, the Ather 450X, and Ather 450 Plus. In addition, an electric vehicle charging infrastructure called “Ather Grid” has been installed nationwide. 




Baaz enables gig workers to deliver efficiently and at the lowest cost, using cost-effective homemade bikes (Baaz Bikes) provided by local bike rental partners and ranges provided by a high-density automated battery mobility platform. Infrastructure exchange (Baaz Swap) is virtually unlimited. 





Battery Smart has built India’s largest network of battery exchange stations. It provides lithium-ion batteries to tricycle electric rickshaw drivers on a pay-as-you-go basis through Asset Light’s network of partner exchange stations.



  1. Bgauss

In collaboration with electrical veterans, RR Kabel and RR Global, Bgauss is a lifestyle-enhancing solution designed to enhance your lifestyle. Bgauss is a series of high-quality electric vehicles specially designed for urban and developing regions to enhance lifestyles and care for the environment. With a customer-centric approach, a transparent approach, and a commitment to serving the needs of our customers, Bgauss‘ goal is to provide high-quality, meaningful, and efficient products powered by technology and innovation.

Hemant Kabra’s vision for Bgauss is to drive healthier, intelligent changes in daily commutes and lifestyles. This will make it the brand people in the electric vehicle segment want.




The BluSmart ride-hailing service is the country’s leading all-electric ride-hailing service. The reason why they are here is because they have a purpose. It is their mission to make Indian urban areas a more sustainable place to live through efficient, affordable, smart, safe, and reliable transport solutions. 




  1. BOLT

BOLT (formerly REVOS) is an AI-based IoT platform that powers electric vehicles. Track and monitor motor controls and batteries on your platform.

BOLT creates custom hardware/software for 2/3-wheeler OEMs and integrates it into their bikes/e-bikes to make them smarter, safer, and cloud-connected. The platform will also help customers check their bike’s motor and battery status, as well as book services through the app itself. ML and AI algorithms learn customers’ driving behaviors and suggest customized routes, better ranges, and bike savings. 




Leaping the bounce: Bounce Infinity is India’s first smart mobility ride-sharing solution and a part of Bounce, whose mission is to simplify the daily commute by making it stress-free, convenient, and quick.

There is no doubt that Bounce strongly believes that India’s journey to electricity should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. Bounce has designed a retrofit EV so that existing internal combustion engines (ICEs) can be converted into EVs to facilitate EV adoption.





A Bangalore-based company called Cell Propulsion is a leader in electric mobility. They have developed a zero-emission all-electric commercial vehicle and deployed it as part of a larger, fully managed ecosystem, offering customers a seamless transition to their eCVs.

Their mission is to develop electric trucks to make freight transport sustainable and contribute to combating climate change.  




CHARGE ZONE is a leading provider of technology-driven EV charging infrastructure for both B2B and B2C markets, specializing in dedicated and temporary charging services for both commercial and residential users.

According to Kartiki Hariyani, CEO of CHARGE+ZONE, the company is aiming to build 3,000 fast DC charging stations by 2025. It will also expand the network to enable e-mobility across the vehicle and personal EV segments, including electric cars, buses, and trucks, by the end of that decade.




Chargeup is a battery exchange network for electric rickshaws. Through our distributed network of battery exchange centers, they solve the long charging time problem and inconvenience.

They provide a battery exchange network that eliminates long charging times for electric vehicles.




A manufacturer of two-wheel electric vehicles aimed at providing teenagers and tourists with eco-friendly vehicles with the latest features. Dual disc brakes, tubeless tires, and high load capacity are all features of the company’s products. This allows consumers to enjoy safer and cleaner transportation, drive without a license or registration, and customize as they please.




Electric vehicles are essential to sustainability. But for now, the lack of charging stations causes “range anxiety” among millions of potential customers, robbing cities of clean air. ElectricPe is committed to tackling this problem head-on and bringing smart, affordable, and clean electric mobility to its billion citizens.

The company is building one of the largest charging platforms for electric vehicles in India. They partner with thousands of independent charging point operators serving communities close to each customer. Customers don’t have to worry about their EV running out of charge or not finding a charging station nearby.




Mobility and transportation are being revolutionized by Emflux Motors, a company revolutionizing city movements and vehicle types. The India-based company will soon expand to Europe with a mission to build the most advanced electric superbikes in the world. The company plans to launch its flagship product, the Emflux One, in 2019.

This sophisticated high-performance superbike accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds. And with a touring range of 200km per full charge, the One can reach a top speed of 200km/h. Vinay Raj Somashekher, Ankit Khatri, and Varun Mittal founded Emflux Motors in 2016.




Established in 2011 as eMote Electric, they are pioneers in electric vehicles in India. At eMote Electric, they strive for reliability and an attractive design. They are a design-oriented company and therefore a customer-oriented company. Companies like challenges. They believe in protecting the environment while providing an exciting driving experience for their customers. So, their mission is to combine technology, performance, and love for the environment. This is to create an electric car that can go as far and fast as conventional vehicles. At eMote Electric, they aim to propel mankind toward a greener future.




EMotorad is an electric vehicle company whose goal is to provide customers with affordable quality electric bikes that are far more expensive on the Indian market at present. This would be ideal for adventure seekers, commuters, or casual riders. To provide users with a comfortable experience, EMotorad‘s bikes come with removable batteries so users can easily replace them as needed.

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  1. ETRIO

Etrio is a technology-driven electric vehicle manufacturer with a vision to “drive freight electrification”. The company’s products are designed for customers’ last-mile applications in e-commerce, logistics, FMCG, farm-to-table, waste management, and other retail applications.

They introduced India’s first certified electric light commercial vehicle and the country’s first FAME-certified L5 category tricycle. They leverage advanced data analytics and practical insights gained from millions of EV deployment miles across India.




Electric vehicle manufacturer aiming to accelerate India’s sustainable mobility transition. The company’s battery-powered tricycles can be used for urban goods transportation, such as e-commerce and last-mile delivery. This allows users to reduce maintenance costs for electric vehicles and reduce vehicle operating costs.



  1. EVAGE

Mobility technology is designed to serve as an affordable common architecture for SUVs, vans, vans, and trucks. The company’s technology features exoskeleton structures, aluminum composite shells, active safety crash systems, battery exchange systems, motor controls, and modular suspensions. This enables auto companies to reduce electric vehicle production complexity.



  1. EVERA

A company that operates an e-mobility service aims to provide the public with options for electric vehicles. In addition to providing customers with e-mobility, the company offers a network of sustainable alternatives by offering a fleet of electric vehicles that can be used as a cab service through an app, as well as energy-efficient charging stations, which allows customers to reduce their carbon footprints and promote e-mobility.




Manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries aimed at flexible energy stacks. The company manufactures power stacks that minimize impedance rise and enable seamless power flow. It provides customers with battery management systems, battery packs, and chargers that work together to provide customers with power. This makes charging faster and easier.




Manufacturer of electric vehicle products. The company aims to provide a range of eco-friendly, affordable, stylish, and easy-to-use electric vehicle services for both the residential and commercial sectors. The Company’s products harness solar energy and serve as an alternative to fuel-based vehicles, providing businesses and customers with access to a cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly micro-mobility alternative.




An electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed to build a robust network of charging stations. The company develops and manufactures electric vehicle chargers, providing electrical networks for homes, businesses, and public places. This allows customers to conveniently power their vehicles and reduce pollution.




Grinntech Motors & Services Private Limited was established in early 2013 and established in 2017 within the prestigious incubation chambers of IIT Madras. Ltd. is a leading lithium-ion battery supplier in India. Grinntech stands for Green Innovation through technology in several impactful application areas. Grinntech is conceived and run by two IIT Roorkee alumni, Nikhilesh Mishra, and Puneet Jain. Grinntech’s strength lies in its R&D-driven solutions designed and developed to promote and accelerate market adoption.

Their innovation is based on the firm belief that intelligent energy storage systems will form the basis of future energy use and drive product development. Their mission is to create a more sustainable future by changing the way we power the world. Grinntech leverages cutting-edge research and development to develop smart products that overcome obstacles to modernizing the energy grid.




In the Indian market for electric two-wheelers, Hero Electric is a pioneer and market leader. You have been at the forefront of electric mobility in India for over 10 years. They believe in providing consumers with eco-friendly two-wheeler solutions that offer the highest value for money above all else. Hero Electric’s commitment to making the country greener with zero-emission transportation through a wide range of battery-powered vehicles is supported by its ‘zero emissions’ mission.

They pursue quality and care about quality. Every product manufactured by the company is closely inspected and thoroughly tested by quality engineers. It undergoes 46 strict quality controls before reaching the customer.

Hero Electric is a business that adheres to ethical, social, and environmental practices and is certified by SA 8000.




India’s largest smart and affordable EV charging network is built on Kazam. Through organizations with armadas, CPOs, RWAs, and OEMs, IT has had the option to construct a strong accusing organization of more than 7,000 of its gadgets on the front lines. Their vision is to leverage their software and hardware skills to become a leader in EV charging in India and beyond.




KWh Bikes makes the smartest, safest, and most versatile electric scooters. The team built a working prototype from the ground up and is now developing a production-ready scooter. The scooter was designed and developed entirely in India and has an innovative powertrain that most Indian EV OEMs lack.




Lithium advances sustainability by bringing forward-thinking, consumer-friendly, and responsible solutions to the market. Lithium is a one-of-a-kind collection of businesses that are proud to be based on social responsibility and ongoing innovation in addition to being built on a solid commercial foundation.

Lithium is India’s first zero-emission transportation service. Their electric vehicle (EV) fleet and associated charging infrastructure are powered by telemetry, GIS, employee transportation management, scheduling, rostering, and analytics-based optimization. Supported by a powerful technology platform for trained and certified drivers.



  1. LOHUM

In addition to recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining, they are the leading producer of sustainable raw materials for batteries in the world. With their aim of addressing industry-wide obstacles to sustainable energy storage, they host a single-point solution that can be applied to all of their products.




Metastable Materials is dedicated to providing lithium-ion batteries with environmentally friendly metal extraction technology. The company’s talented engineers and technicians work tirelessly to make this vision a reality. From overhauling the entire recycling process to establishing sustainable operations, the company is looking to reduce the lifecycle costs of lithium-ion batteries and boost the adoption of electric vehicles.




It is an electric vehicle startup that builds a driver-centric e-mobility and technology platform aimed at small fleet operators as well as drivers in need of EVs. It provides e-commerce, e-grocery, FMCG, logistics, and direct-to-consumer companies with a full stack of technology solutions including delivery, charging, financing, and analytics tools.




Born with a vision to drive India’s e-mobility revolution, the company strives to provide smart e-mobility solutions that positively impact the lives of all communities and contribute to a sustainable future. They are committed to delivering smart, sustainable mobility solutions that transform the way people commute.




Develop a financial platform aimed at modernizing the processes through which vehicles and electronic vehicles are managed and financed across emerging markets to improve their efficiency. As part of the company’s platform, data science, Internet of Things data, and digital payments will be combined, providing banks with the ability to reduce lending costs and modernize their lending practices.




Okinawa Autotech Worldwide Confidential Restricted (previously known as Okinawa Autotech Private Restricted) is a 100 percent Indian electric bike fabricating organization that was laid out in 2015 with a mission to make bikes that can drive their present towards a supportable future.

The company believes in moving forward without leaving Mother Nature behind. they are here to nurture a lifestyle that isn’t just rich from the outside but has deeper values rooted within it, a lifestyle that believes in giving back to nature.




From a start-up in Bangalore, Ola has grown to become a worldwide brand with services on three different continents, the largest multi-event venue in India, and one of the largest ride-hailing organizations in the world. 

At Ola Electric’s core is the vision to reduce the world’s emissions and dependence on fossil fuels by making India a grand hub for electrification. To achieve this, the company wants to not only create electric vehicles but also to bring about a change in the mindset of all Indians and a change that drives the vision behind Mission Electric.




The company was founded in 2013, and they specialize in transforming the way people travel and move in unprecedented ways and have developed a new type of street bike that is designed to provide riders with a power-packed experience that will provide them with comfort on all types of city roads and highways, providing a stylish and comfortable ride.




Prakriti-E-Mobility Private Limited was founded by a group of environmentally conscious individuals. Prakriti-E-Mobility was founded to revolutionize the mobility industry globally. The aim is to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions through innovative solutions that are accessible to more people, as well as promote the use of sustainable energy.

Their vision is to make a world of difference by providing people with the most efficient, convenient, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions.

And their mission is to work towards zero-emission mobility for a cleaner and more sustainable environment. It aims to become India’s largest EV fleet service with global deployment. Making e-mobility as comfortable, convenient, safe, and efficient as possible for commuters. Infrastructure development of green charging stations with solar power generation nationwide.



  1. PURE EV

The Company is engaged in the manufacture of electric scooters and motorcycles under the “PURE EV” brand and high-performance lithium batteries under the “PURE Lithium” brand. The company has established over 100,000 square feet of dedicated electric vehicle and battery manufacturing units, with dedicated research and development facilities for the development and testing of electric powertrains. PURE is currently one of the main EV2W brands in India and one of the main exporters to South Asia such as Nepal and Bhutan. The company focuses on developing products loved by mass consumers and building a trusted brand name in the electric vehicle space.




The company envisioned an intelligent, connected, and sustainable mobility ecosystem. To make this vision a reality, the company has developed a holistic technological solution for its transition to 2W and 3W electric vehicles, the most commonly used mode of transportation in this part of the world. doing.

The goal was to build India’s largest battery exchange network by 2023 and extend it to other continents. Unique battery swap stations and replaceable batteries are offered as a service through a network of connected swap stations.





Revolt Motors is a next-generation mobility company built for the smart world. With roots in technology and world-class product development, Revolt has launched India’s first AI-enabled bike without compromising on performance or the beauty of a normal ride.

Their vision was, and still is, democratizing the clean commuter through next-generation mobility solutions. And its mission is to create the future of next-generation mobility, always with 100% accessibility and 0% fuel residue.  




As part of the company’s sustainable transportation applications, the company offers first- and last-mile options for first- and last-mile transportation in urban cities. Furthermore, the company also offers a shared, affordable, and convenient ride in an all-electric vehicle, which allows commuters to get access to affordable transportation options in urban areas.




As a provider of electric personal mobility solutions, Strom Motors provides a comprehensive line of services. In addition to remote-controlled parking, automatic vehicle following, and other features, the Storm-R3 model of the electric vehicle is developed by this company. In addition, they provide an app that can be used for remote diagnostics of the vehicle.




EV refueling is faster, cheaper, and more convenient thanks to Sun Mobility’s universal energy infrastructure and transportation services. This will facilitate the mass global adoption of electric vehicles and enable the transition to a sustainable zero-pollution future. Founded in 2017, SUN Mobility is a joint venture between electric mobility and clean energy pioneers SUN Group and Malini Group. 




Tork Motors Private Limited is a non-governmental company incorporated on March 22, 2010. The company is privately held and classified as a limited liability company.

The company has an authorized capital of Rs 10 million and a paid-up capital of 22.447% or Rs 2.24 million. During the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Tork Motors Private Limited, a resolution was passed. The company last updated its financial information on March 31, 2017, according to the Ministry of Enterprise (MCA). Tork Motors Private Limited has been primarily in the manufacturing business (machinery and equipment) for the last 13 years and is still active in that business. The current directors and directors are KAPIL CHANDRAKANT SHELKE and CHANDRAKANT NIVARTTIRAO SHELKE.  



  1. TSUYO

TSUYO Manufacturing PVT. Ltd is an Indian EV start-up company engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of EV components such as electric motors, drives, inverters, OBD, and power electronics designs and solutions. TSUYO was established in 2020 as a limited company. The company hails from leading Indian institutions such as NIT and IIM/SPJain/IIFT, a serial entrepreneur and a successful professional with over 14 years of corporate experience in various roles and responsibilities. It was, founded by four young founders the company has a high level of expertise and knowledge in product development, project management, operations, supply chain, and marketing. The diverse qualifications and unique expertise of the founding team enable the company to offer the best and most innovative technical solutions for electric vehicles. Since 2016, TSUYO founders have been involved in continuous design and development efforts in electromechanical manufacturing, carving out a unique technological niche in electric vehicles. 




Ultraviolet Automotive Private Limited is an innovator in the field of sustainable mobility and energy infrastructure. Ultraviolet Automotive was founded in 2016 by Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan. The company was born from a unique vision to create world-class mobility solutions based on advanced design and energy-efficient technology. Future-proof energy infrastructure and high-performance electric vehicles are being developed by Ultraviolet Automotive. 




As a DeepTech start-up focused on sustainable and clean mobility, Vecmocon Technologies is a pioneering company to watch. Founded by alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology, Kanpur, and Delhi, as well as the Indian School of Business, Vecmocon is working to build a platform and ecosystem to strengthen the clean energy revolution and electric mobility.



  1. YULU

As part of Yulu’s mission, it aims to make urban mobility easier, more convenient, and more sustainable for Indians. Indian cities are now being reshaped by the effort that began as an attempt to reduce congestion and pollution. Affordability, availability, and accessibility are the three fundamental principles of urban mobility.

By making urban commuting more efficient and greener, they will facilitate a paradigm shift in the mobility industry in India.

Through Yulu, public and private modes of transportation are integrated for enhanced urban mobility. With Yulu, users can connect to micro-mobility vehicles (MMVs) during the first- and last mile via a mobile app that is simple to use and cost-effective.

The company is based in India with a founding team passionate about making a positive impact on society. This mindset pervades every member of the team and they are committed to making a difference in the lives of those around them. 





Zypp Electric India’s state-of-the-art technology-powered EV-as-a-Service platform aims to make India zero-emission by leveraging the electric vehicle ecosystem and EV-based technology for last-mile logistics. It was established in 2017 with the purpose of emissions. Zypp Electric’s business model reduces delivery costs and pollution through an asset-light model by enabling local retailers, from e-commerce giants to delivery managers, to offer zero-carbon last-mile delivery. The company now delivers groceries, medicines, groceries, and e-commerce packages from point A to point B using its high-performance, zero-maintenance, fully-automated IoT- and AI-enabled scooters. I’m here. Zypp swap stations are installed at key touchpoints to track batteries that can be swapped out. Eco-friendly electric vehicles also reduce the cost per delivery and contribute to pollution-free cities. More than 7,000 ZYPP electric vehicles and pilots (delivery leaders) are currently working on this mission. 




Final thoughts

Here are the 50 most promising and top-listed startups in electric vehicles in India that are providing the highest quality services to their customers according to their needs and bringing the most high-quality products for them. Their efforts have been devoted to promoting e-mobility as a whole and contributing to the development of a better future for the EV segments in India without compromising work and giving their best efforts. A relentless effort is made to provide the best products and services for EV enthusiasts. and while their contributions to the EV sector are valuable, they compete with each other to achieve the top positions among them.



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