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The best solution for achieving an environmentally friendly and sustainable public transport network seems to be electric buses. Electric bus manufacturing branches have been established by many stellar automobile companies in India. There are some additional details about these companies included in this article about the top 10 electric bus manufacturers in India as of 2023.



India’s Top 5 Electric Buses in 2023


Here we present a list of the top 5 electric bus manufacturers in India in 2023,

  1. Tata Star Bus EV
  2. Olectra X2
  3. JBM Eco-Life E12
  4. Olectra CX2
  5. Switch EIV- 22



Tata Star Bus EV

Tata Motors is promoting electric buses to modernize rapid transport, reduce pollution, and provide enhanced features for passengers such as improved safety and comfort. Tata Starbus is a bus model manufactured by Tata Motors. Tata Starbus is available in many variants, with or without low floors, seating capacity from 16 to 67 seats, diesel engine options, as well as more environmentally friendly hybrid and CNG power plants. Starbus offers standard, luxury, low-floor, and school bus models, each with its own features.

The GVWR of a bus includes curb weight and vehicle load. It has a GVWR of 19,500 kg. The bus has a wheelbase of 6,300 mm. The Tata Starbus EV 4 12 low-range electric bus is available in both electric and direct drive configurations. There is also an anti-lock brake system. It has a total of 35 seats. The overall width of this electric bus is 2600 mm. It has a capacity of 268 horsepower. It uses a Li-Ion battery. 



Olectra X2


The Olectra X2 electric bus is a symbol of progress in urban mobility. In a world where environmental concerns and urban congestion are paramount, this electric bus appears to be a solution that prioritizes sustainability, efficiency, and passenger well-being. Equipped with an advanced electric motor, the Olectra X2 electric bus is a zero-emission transport vehicle. With no tailpipe emissions and reduced noise pollution, this electric powertrain contributes to cleaner air and quieter streets.

Upon entering the Olectra X2 electric bus, passengers are greeted by an interior that combines modern design and functional amenities. The cabin features a spacious layout, ergonomic seats, and thoughtful details that prioritize passenger comfort. The exterior design of the Olectra X2 electric bus harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality. Clean lines, streamlined shapes, and carefully designed details not only enhance visual appeal but also help improve aerodynamics and fuel economy. Equipped with a series of advanced features, the Olectra X2 electric bus enhances the urban travel experience. Passengers can take advantage of Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and onboard infotainment systems to stay connected and engaged throughout their journey.  



JBM Eco-Life E12


JBM ECO-LIFE E12 (12m LF AC) is an innovative and environmentally friendly public transport solution designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable urban mobility. This modern electric bus combines advanced technology, efficient design, and eco-friendly features to provide a reliable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for urban commuters.

The JBM ECO-LIFE E12 is equipped with an advanced electric powertrain that eliminates tailpipe emissions and significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with traditional internal combustion engine buses. Equipped with a high-capacity battery system, the ECO-LIFE E12 provides impressive battery life on a single charge. This extended range ensures that the bus can operate all day without frequent charging, making it a practical solution for urban transport networks. The bus is 12 meters (about 39 feet) long, providing ample space for passengers and optimizing the number of seats. The interior has been carefully designed for comfort and accessibility, with ergonomic seating, wide aisles, and amenities for those with reduced mobility.

The LF AC (Low Floor Air Conditioning) system ensures a comfortable and pleasant trip for passengers, regardless of external weather conditions. The air conditioning system is designed to effectively cool the interior while consuming minimal energy, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the bus. JBM ECO-LIFE E12 prioritizes passenger safety with a series of advanced safety features. These can include electronic stability control, anti-lock braking systems, collision avoidance technology, and comprehensive monitoring systems to ensure a safe and reliable journey. Buses can be equipped with smart connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and infotainment systems. These features improve the passenger experience and make travel more enjoyable and efficient. 


Olectra CX2


The Olectra CX2 electric vehicle represents a revolutionary advancement in long-distance transportation, seamlessly combining luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with an advanced electric motor, the Olectra CX2 electric vehicle helps you move without emitting exhaust fumes or causing noise pollution. The electric powertrain delivers smooth and powerful acceleration, making it ideal for traveling long distances in luxury and efficiency step into the Olectra CX2 electric bus. The interior design combines luxury and functionality, providing passengers with a spacious and well-appointed cabin. The exterior design of the Olectra CX2 electric vehicle reflects the perfect combination of form and function. Clean lines, refined lines, and carefully designed details enhance both visual appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. The exterior design demonstrates the bus’s commitment to luxury and sustainability. Equipped with a series of advanced features, the Olectra CX2 electric vehicle offers a truly luxurious and environmentally friendly travel experience. Passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and connectivity options on board, ensuring an enjoyable journey.  


Switch EIV – 22


The Switch EIV 22 is created, developed, and manufactured in India thanks to Switch’s extensive experience in electric buses. It is equipped with the latest technology, the most advanced design, the highest level of safety, and best-in-class comfort features. The famous double-decker bus has become fully electric for safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly travel.

The EiV 22 is based on the single-deck EiV 12 and can carry up to 65 people. Standing guests can also be accommodated downstairs. Both the front and rear of the bus have doors and two stairs leading to the upper floor. This is India’s first air-conditioned double-decker electric bus. The new double-decker electric vehicle is the world’s first with a low-selling floor. The NiCoMn (Nickel Cobalt Manganese) battery used in the EiV22 is designed to have a maximum range of 250 km on a single charge. Modern air conditioning technology is equipped in this advanced electric vehicle, providing effective cooling in India’s scorching climate. Amenities include extra-wide front and rear doors, two staircases, and emergency exits that meet the latest safety standards. Double-decker buses are the best means of transportation for cities. The Switch EiV22 can comfortably carry 65 passengers with optimized seating, using less space per passenger on lines, stations, and warehouse floors. The Switch Mobility electric bus’s 231 kWh battery can recharge from 0 to 100% in 80 minutes. The Switch EV bus range in India boasts an uptime of over 98%, a testament to the product’s performance, engineering, and design.







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