May 27, 2024

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Top 10 Best Electric Scooters In India

Nowadays we are seeing fuel consumption is more in all over the world. It is the new concept of the automotive industry. In future fuels like petrol, diesel becomes an end. So that beyond the fuel-saving people are choosing electric vehicles like electric cars, scooters and of the recent trends in the automotive industry is electric scooters. By using Electric Scooters we can reduce our travel time, and we reduce pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they save gasoline and help you in reducing carbon emission too. Here we are presenting 10 best electric scooters in India.

Ten Best Electric Scooters In India:

  • Hero Electric Zion
  • BSA Fusion
  • Hero Electric Maxi
  • Hero Electric photon
  • TVS Qube
  • Eko Cosmic-I
  • Eko EV 60
  • Go Green BOV 60Kms
  • YO xplor
  • Go Green BOV 100Kms


  1. Hero Electric Zion :

HERO Electric entered the Electric two-wheeler segment after 12 years of extensive research in the EV segment with its wide range of electric two-wheelers. Hero Electric Zion is a glossy looking bike. It is mechanized by 250-watt high torque motor. It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge. It can give mileage about 25kmph. Battery type of this scooter is silicon battery. Battery capacity is about 12/20AH. It weighs just 74 kg.

Hero Electric Zion
  1. BSA Fusion:

BSA Fusion scooter has generations like a smile, Diva, Street rider, Roamer,Roamer +.BSA Fusion Price about. 32,000 Rs.It is fitted with sealed lead acid battery.IT can give mileage about 25kmph. It can give a power of 250 watts. It has Miniature Circuit Breaker. It give the voltage of 48v. Its battery capacity about 14AH.



3.Hero Electric Maxi:

 Hero Electric Maxi price about 34,380 Rs. Hero Electric Maxi is available in 3 different colors like Blue, Red and Black. It can give mileage about 70km/charge. Its battery capacity about 24AH. It can give 250 watts motor output. It has electronic breaking system. Charging time about 6-8 hours. Its battery type is SLA 48V/20 AH.

  1. Hero Electric photon:

  Hero Electric Photon price of 54,390 Rs.It available in three colors Black, Burgundy and White. It can give mileage about 80km/charge. It claims top speed about 45kmph. Its battery type is VRLA 72V / 24 AH.It has an air cooled system. Battery range about Power Mode- 50 Km/Full Charge.

  1. TVS Qube:

 TVS Qube price range about 65000.It is India’s first bike with fueling option of both petrol and charging battery.Its battery capacity about 10Ah. Battery type about Li-Ion/VRLA.


  1. EKO Cosmic-I:

 It was manufactured by EKO vehicles. Model type is Eko Cosmic-I. Its battery type is sealed maintenance free Gei battery. Eko Cosmic-I price about around 23000. It can claim maximum speed about 40km/Hr. Eko Cosmic motor type is DC Hub Motor. It takes 4-6 hours to charge. Vehicle weight about 59kg.Its battery capacity about 12V, 20AH x 4 No’s.

  1. Eko EV 60:

Eko EV 60 lowest price about 44000 Rs in India. It can produce maximum power about 800 Watts, 60 Volts. 777 RPM.Battery type is 5 no’s 12V, 20 AH@C2 in series. It can claim maximum speed up to 57kmph.Its engine type is BLDC Hub Motor.

  1. Go Green BOV 60Kms:

                                                            Go Green BOV 60kms came with a range of 120kms per charge. It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge, Price range about 44000 Rs.It is a multi-task scooter which can be converted into a load carrying the vehicle.

  1. YO xplor:

   YO xplor price range about 38,978 Rs.It is available in four various colors. It offers a maximum speed of km/Hr. It has engine type is BLDC Hub. It gives maximum power range of watts.

  1. Go Green BOV 100Kms:

Go Green BOV 100 km price about 59500 Rs. These are available in Grey, purple, green, orange and red colors. It can go as far as 100 km on a single charge. It offers a maximum speed of 50Kmph.

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