June 12, 2024

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The Tesla Cybertruck features 340 miles of range and 845 bhp

The Tesla Cybertruck features 340 miles of range and 845 bhp

It took a long time and a lot of challenges to develop electric pick-up trucks


After four years of being in the works, the Tesla Cybertruck has finally become a reality. Weighing more than three tons, it is capable of producing up to 845 horses, and it has been outfitted with bulletproof prismatic bodywork.

At a customer delivery event, several production models were handed over to customers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk enthusiastically declared that the new vehicle is their best product yet and that it is “the most unique thing on the road”. He also expressed his optimism about the future, stating that it should look like the future. 

A promise had originally been made by the American automaker that the first deliveries would take place in 2021. It was finally possible to begin production in July. Tesla is only accepting reservation deposits of $100 (£77) for customers to be able to order the vehicle. It was previously stated by Musk that 200,000 deposits had been made.

The upcoming pick-up truck will have a divisive style and will be available in two powertrain options. The first option is an 845bhp tri-motor system, derived from the Tesla Model S Plaid, which can deliver maximum power in ‘Beast Mode’. The second option is a twin-motor ‘base-level’ powertrain with 600bhp. The single-motor model that was previously built is not expected to be available until 2025. The starting price for the truck is $79,990 (£63,356) and goes up to $99,990 (£79,197) for the two launch editions.

In its top-spec form, this 5.87-meter-long truck can hit 60mph from a standstill in just 2.6 seconds and complete a standing quarter mile in under 11 seconds.

Tesla has not disclosed the exact battery size of the Cybertruck, but the company asserts that it can cover a maximum distance of up to 340 miles on a single charge, with the tri-motor version covering 20 miles less. The automaker has also confirmed that the Cybertruck, which weighs around 3107kg, has a drag coefficient of 0.34, which is on par with a Range Rover. All versions of the Cybertruck are capable of charging at 1MW (1000kW), which is the same speed as the Tesla Semi HGV.

The vehicle has a payload capacity of 1134kg in the rear load bay, as well as space in the frunk and side pillars. It comes with a maximum towing capacity of 5000kg.

In a recent statement, Elon Musk asserted that the Cybertruck represents the optimal combination of a truck and a sports car.

The Cybertruck is constructed using a stainless steel alloy designed by Tesla. The alloy is allegedly bulletproof against 9mm bullets and provides the pickup with more torsional stiffness than a McLaren P1.

According to Musk, they needed a material that could be manufactured easily, wouldn’t corrode, didn’t require paint, and could be produced in large quantities. The decision to produce a unique alloy was made as the stamping machine would break if used to make body panels.

According to the speaker, the vehicle’s low center of gravity contributes to its stability and safety by preventing rollovers. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the car is capable of holding its own in disputes on the road.

Elon Musk proudly showcased the exceptional off-road capabilities of the Cybertruck with the claim that it can easily navigate any terrain. The vehicle’s robust design and advanced features ensure that it can drive over practically anything with ease. This feature makes the Cybertruck a highly capable and reliable vehicle for off-road adventures.

The Cybertruck boasts some impressive off-road capabilities, including 17 inches of ground clearance, 35-inch all-terrain tires, and adaptive air suspension on all four corners with 4 inches of adjustment. Additionally, the locking differentials are designed in such a way that they do not protrude below the body of the vehicle, reducing the risk of beaching.

The Cybertruck, which is a rival to the Ford F-150 Lightning, utilizes steer-by-wire technology, similar to the one that will soon be available in the Lexus RZ. This technology reduces the amount of wheel input required for turning. Combined with four-wheel steering, the Cybertruck can achieve a smaller turning circle compared to the Model S.

During the launch of a new product, Elon Musk said, “Once in a while, a product comes along that is rare. Something rare and unusual. We have a car here that experts said was impossible, and they said would never be made.” However, it is unclear when the brand plans to reach full-scale production and how many units have been sold so far. Additionally, no details have been provided regarding the launch of the product in the UK.

Tesla has “dug its own grave” according to Musk on Cybertruck

Tesla is facing production challenges with the Cybertruck, as the company struggles to meet its promised delivery schedule for the angular pick-up. According to CEO Elon Musk, the EV maker has “dug its own grave” with the Cybertruck. Although production began in July, customers are still unable to order the vehicle, with Tesla only accepting reservation deposits. Musk has acknowledged that there will be significant obstacles in achieving volume production with the Cybertruck and in ensuring that it generates positive cash flow.

Tesla is utilizing groundbreaking production methods to manufacture a distinctively styled truck composed of ultra-tough stainless steel that the company claims to have developed. Additionally, it is using 9,000-tonne giga presses at its Texas factory to shape large portions of the underbody and installing what it refers to as the world’s largest hot-stamping facility.

According to Musk, Tesla is set to attain its annual production target of 250,000 units by 2025, contingent upon the successful resolution of any outstanding challenges.

Tesla, a company known for producing high volumes of popular global models as efficiently as possible, has created a unique product in the Cybertruck. During a conference call, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, admitted that “We dug our own grave with Cybertruck”. He emphasized that it is one of those rare products that is incredibly difficult to bring to market, reach volume, and be prosperous. Musk also discussed the challenges of balancing profitability for Tesla with affordability for customers.

The speaker expressed concerns regarding the elevated interest rates that have led to an escalation in prices and reduced affordability of cars. Additionally, Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has reported a significant milestone of receiving a million reservations for its latest release, the Cybertruck.

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