May 28, 2024

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The Audi electric car structure is clear with even numbers

The Audi electric car structure is clear with even numbers

The Audi A6 will be renamed A7 as combustion Audis gain odd numbers; E-tron branding will fade

Audi is expanding its range of electric cars and has implemented a new naming system to distinguish them from their combustion engine counterparts.

The new naming convention assigns even numbers to electric vehicles, while odd numbers will be used for traditional cars. The upcoming A6 E-tron, slated for release in 2024, will be sold alongside an updated A6, which will be renamed the A7. Additionally, the Q6 E-tron will be an electric alternative to the popular Q5, which will receive an updated combustion engine in 2024.

According to Audi’s technical boss Oliver Hoffmann, the new strategy will differentiate between the two powertrain types automatically and obviously.

Oliver Hoffmann

According to Hoffmann, having a clear structure for customers is important. Currently, the Q5 is the model in the B-segment. While there may be room for another model, such as the Q5 E-tron, they have decided to focus on maintaining a clear strategy for their model line-up.

An example of one of our core vehicles is the A6. We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the A6 E-tron, which will further establish this model as our main offering in the C-segment. As we move towards a fully electric future, we have decided to designate our BEV cars in even numbers.

When asked about Audi’s decision to use the E-tron suffix for their electrified cars since 2009, Hoffmann clarified that the A6 will now serve as a clear indicator of their battery-electric vehicles. The A6 E-tron will be similar to the Q6 E-tron, but will not require the use of the E-tron or ICE badge. Simply referring to it as the A6 or Q6 will imply that it is a battery-electric vehicle.

Autocar reports that Audi will continue to use the E-tron badge, but in a more subtle way similar to how they use the TDI and TFSI badges to distinguish between diesel and petrol models.

“There are various badges on the market that signify whether a car is electric or a PHEV. From our perspective, this is a clear naming structure,” said Hoffmann.

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