August 10, 2020

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Skill Lync Launched EV Design & Simulation Master Course

Skill Lync launched EV design

Skill Lync Launched EV Design & Simulation Master


As we all know that electric vehicles are going to be the future in the entire world as the new innovative industry. India will also witness this complete transformation to greener mobility solutions in the coming years. But still many lack technical expertise in the country. So here is a specialised course in electric vehicle design and simulation launched by a Chennai-based startup ‘Skill-Lync.’

Skill Lync launched EV design course

This course is a post-graduation course with a Masters moniker to it. It is available for both full-time and part-time duration. It is one of the most followed EVs courses offered by Skill-Lync. The course costs around INR 2.75 lakh.

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Skill-Lync is established in April 2019 and is founded by Sarangarajan V and Suryanarayanan. It is a Chennai based online learning platform.

Skill-Lync cofounder and CEO, Suryanarayanan P said, “As a whole, the automotive industry is shifting to developing electric or hybrid electric vehicles. But there is no educational institution in India or across the world which teaches the technical aspects specific to these domains.”

The main reason for this course to be launched by the company is that the founders of the company to offer job leading courses for mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering students in India.

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People who are interested in this course can opt according to their convenience as it is offering a full-time or a part-time course. This online courses will help students to train themselves to get ready to run the EV revolution. This course will definitely help in the development and adoption of electric mobility in India.

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