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Revolt RV 400 to launch in Hyderabad on March 2 2020 

Revolt RV400 in Hyderabad

Revolt RV 400 to launch in Hyderabad on

March 2 2020 

The most popular and the most awaited electric motorcycles from Revolt Motors is coming to Hyderabad. Revolt Motors will launch its hub in Hyderabad on March 2, 2020, at Jubilee Hills road no-36. So this is great news for all the people waiting for the launch of Revolt RV400 in Hyderabad. Revolt RV400, an electric bike will be available in Hyderabad too. 
Revolt RV400 in Hyderabad

Revolt RV400 in Hyderabad

Revolt Motors is setting up a Revolt Hub at Jubilee Hills Road no-36 in Hyderabad. Not only this the Chennai people will also soon be able to ride Revolt RV400. At present, the revolt Hubs are located in Delhi and Pune. 
Revolt RV400 is India’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled electric bike available to the customers. It’s booking first started in July and this electric bike can be booked by the paying Rs.1,000. It can be owned with the company’s ‘My Revolt Plan’ in which you will get two plans for Base Model Rs 3,499 per month and Premium Model Rs 3,999 per month. 

Revolt RV400 specifications 

The RV 400 have a top speed of 85 km/h and offers a range of 156 km (ARAI-certified range). It works with a 3kW Bldc motor and is equipped with 3.24kWh detachable Li-ion battery which can be charged in 4.5 hours of time.

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This electric bike will be available with three riding modes: Eco, City, and Sport. It is available in a range of two colour options: Cosmic Red and Rebel Black.

The Revolt Rv 400’s ex-showroom price is Rs 98,999. 

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