April 12, 2024

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RETROSA-Avera Electric Scooter

RETROSA-Avera Electric Scooter, Avera electric scooter, Retrosa from a start-up company from Amaravati. “AVERA New and Renewable Energy” is a pure electric vehicles and energy retailer startup launched by a team of young entrepreneurs in Andhra Pradesh. The company is offering three years of warranty on their Retrosa Electric Scooter.

RETROSA-Avera Electric Scooter

Avera aims to produce globally more economical, greener and more energy-efficient pure Electric Vehicles.

The company is into building electric vehicles and controls the supply chain from batteries to EVs.It aspires to disrupt the two-wheeler automotive industry by providing electric bikes and scooters at affordable prices.

Retrosa had won”Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence” award in the year 2018 at 11th International Achievers Summit at Bangkok.

RETROSA-Avera Electric Scooter
RETROSA-Avera Electric Scooter

AVERA Electric Scooter-RETROSA Features

Some of the features of Retrosa Electric Scooter

Battery Swapping

The battery swapping uses the robotic automation to swap out in batteries in just minutes without any wait.

Powerful Performance

Battery performance with the Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells produces 3 times more consistent and reliable power.

Simply Start

The scooter body is made up of high-tensile aluminum body frame designed to reduce the weight of the vehicle so that it can give more the mileage.

Internet Of Things

Internet to keep you connected with the operations and monitoring management.


You can charge your electric scooter with any regular outlet, charge at your convenience at home, EVs can be plugged overnight and you are all ready for the next day drive.

Built Clean

It is built for the eco-friendly atmosphere as conventional vehicles emit a lot of pollution.

Specifications Of Retrosa Electric Scooter

  • Range-120-140km
  • Charging Time-3 hours to charge 80%
  • Top Speed- 90 kmph
  • Carrying capacity- 180 kg
  • Motor capacity- BLDC-72V, 3000Watt


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