August 05, 2021

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Relux Electric unveiled its first fast-charging station in Puducherry

Relux Electric

Relux Electric unveiled its first fast-charging

station in Puducherry

Relux Electric unveiled its first new Fast Charging Station in Puducherry by Shri. Narayanasamy, Hon. CM of Puducherry, in the presence of Vaithilingam Hon. MP of Puducherry, at a Grand Launch in Shenbaga Convention Center on January 27. 2020.

RELUX ELECTRIC has already installed charging stations across various parts of South India and now it has installed its first charging point in Puducherry.

Relux Electric


The event started with the lighting of Lamp by Hon. CM of Puducherry, MD of Relux Electric Mr KarthiK, Founder of Goodwill Groups Mr Karthikeyan.M, Puducherry Industrial Estate Association President, Mr Saravanan.

Hon. CM of Puducherry (Shri. Narayanasamy) and MD of Relux Electric (RELUX Groups) Mr Karthikeyan has unveiled the Charger.

EV charging station installation in White Town, Pondicherry

This electric vehicle charging station installed in White Town, Pondicherry is a DC Bharat charger, GBT Mode and has a capacity of 15kW and can charge electric four-wheelers such as Tata Tigor EV, eVerito, etc. 

Free charging and swapping stations for Tourists

RELUX is going to open free charging and swapping stations for Tourists who visit Pondicherry and by this month it will also install three more charging stations in Tamil Nadu. 

Relux Electric

Relux Electric

Relux electric vehicle charging stations includes all type of AC and DC EV charging stations such as Bharat AC01 Charger, Bharat DC01 Charger, Type 2 and DC Fast Charging Station CCS/CHAdeMO & GB/T Standard-based with integrated cloud base charger management CMS system & mobile application.

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