July 18, 2024

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Rajiv Bajaj says “Auto Industry Not A ‘Chai Stall’ that you can open and shut overnight.”

Rajiv Bajaj says Auto Industry

Many automakers didn’t like the decision taken by the NITI Aayog recently that all the three-wheelers and two-wheelers must be electrified by 2023 and 2025. In regard with this Rajiv Bajaj says “This (auto industry) is not a chai ka stall (tea stall) that you can open and shut overnight.”

Rajiv Bajaj says “Auto Industry Not A ‘Chai Stall’ that you can open and shut overnight.”

He says, the government’s scheme and subsidies for EVs are more than enough to promote and encourage the EVs and shifting to electric vehicles and it has to be phased out properly.

He emphasized on the numbers o vehicles that When you are making 25 million two-wheelers and three-wheelers, it is not a switch that you can on or off overnight,” said the managing director of Bajaj Auto Ltd.

The government has taken many initiatives to promote EVs which includes waiving of registration charges and reducing the interest on loans taken to buy an EV.

He appreciated the government subsidies for electric vehicles which were announced in the Union Budget but he is completely opposed to the draft notification mandated most two-wheelers and all three-wheelers two electrify by banning the ICE vehicles.

Including scooters, motorcycles, and three-wheeler. “I do not believe that these two things should be coupled in this manner that in order to encourage or promote one thing you have to artificially bury another thing which is world-class,” he said.

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