September 18, 2021

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Problems faced by electric scooters owners in India

Electric scooters owners problems

Problems faced by electric scooters owners in India

Electric two-wheelers sales are increasing day by day in India, but the problems of owners are also increasing parallelly. If you look at some of the top electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India like Okinawa, Hero Electric, Ampere, Tunwal and Benling are unable to send spare parts to respective dealers which put their customers in trouble. Read the article further to know more about Electric scooters owners problems.

Warranty claiming

One of the easiest part for an EV customer is buying an electric vehicle, but the most complex part is claiming the warranty for it. From the last 3 years, there is not much change in the EV ecosystem, especially in the warranty claims. The top electric 2 wheeler companies in India offering 3 years warranty on their lithium-ion battery pack free service up to 1 year.

Spare parts and battery replacement

But these words seem to be not believable if you see the current problems of EV two-wheeler customers. There are customers who are waiting for spare parts and battery replacement with a waiting period starting from 1 month to 6 months which is losing faith in the EV companies. Because of this delay from manufacturers, some of the dealers and distributors closed their shops permanently.

Covid pandemic

When top manufacturers are struggling to allocate service, how come small EV startups can survive in this Green jungle. Most of the electric two-wheeler customers in India are facing these spare parts, service and warranty issues frequently and this covid pandemic made the situation even worse.

The Dealers are in a desperate situation for the last 3 months with continuous customers calls. One of the main reason for this hectic situation is due to most of the manufacturers not maintaining enough spare parts in their godowns.

If 1000 vehicles sold, it’s the companies responsibility to store spare parts for it as they are mostly made with fibre plastic which may damage while talking tough road conditions. Also, Battey packs stock for customer warranty claims. But these two things most of the companies failing to do which fuming up the EV owners.

As 95 per cent of current EV, 2 wheeler companies are simply importing vehicles and assembling in India. If their supply chain got affected, it’s a neck and neck situation for them to arrange an adequate number of spare parts.

Even some of the companies shut down their assembling units due to the rise of covid cases and some of their employees got affected. This pandemic not only improved EV 2 wheeler sales in India but also though a lesson to EV companies to maintain spare parts or localisation to withstand the customers’ trust.

The only solution for this problem is for companies has to maintain an adequate number of spare parts and also start to localize their components.

From the Electric vehicles team, we are requesting our viewers to don’t buy EVs without proper research about the companies good wheel. This is the ground reality happening in the India Electric 2 wheeler sector.

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