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Oreva J-50 Plus E-Bike With Its Incentive By Government

Oreva J-50 Plus E-Bike

Oreva J-50 Plus E-Bike-Ajanta Manufacturing Limited is a Gujarat based company belongs to a part of the Ajanta (Oreva) Group of companies.

Oreva J-50 Plus E-Bike With Its Incentive By Government

The company manufactures lighting products, digital clocks, calculators, home appliance, e-bike, etc. J-50 Plus is the companies’ one and only E-Bike.

The J 50 Plus is a stylish & efficient electric scooter loaded with exclusive features. No license or registration is required to ride this E-Bike because the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

FAME II scheme, Incentives

Under the FAME II scheme, effect from 1st April, the incentives provided by the government for Oreva J-50 Plus E-Bike is 7500. 

The price of J-50 plus electric scooter is 43,000.

Specifications of Oreva J-50 

  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • Maximum range of 50 km
  • Maximum charging time 8 hours
  • Electricity Consumption – 0.96 units
  • Load Carrying Capacity – 150 kgs

According to FAME India, As on 2nd April 2019,

  • Total Number of electric vehicles Sold-278712
  • Fuel saved in liters- 43305131
  • Fuel saving per day-52700
  • CO2 reduction per day-130612
  • CO2 reduction in Kg-108053115
  • Total incentive amount- Rs.3433318600.00
  • Total number of incentives claimed-278554

By the above information, we can see how electric vehicles contributing to making the environment eco-friendly.

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