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One charging solution for all EVs: the next generation

One charging solution for all EVs: the next generation

ZEVpoint Swift Pro range transforms EV charging

As the Electric vehicle (EV) market continues to grow, the demand for efficient and reliable charging solutions has never been greater. An ambitious and up-and-coming company, Zevpoint is committed to changing the EV charging landscape with its revolutionary Swift Pro series. In this article, we examine the ZEVpoint Swift Pro EV charger. Learn about the exciting journey and the unique features of Swift Pro chargers. Learn how these chargers differentiate themselves from the market while meeting EV drivers’ needs.


Specifications of the ZEVpoint Swift Pro EV charger






7.2 kW

Interlock Facility

Current Rating

32 A

IP Rating


Pin Type

Type 2
Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Charge Current

32 A


Indoor/ Outdoor




Main Features

Delivering 7 kW of power over a single-phase connection, the Zevpoint charger with Type 2 connection ensures fast and efficient charging. The 20ft charging cable offers flexibility and adapts to different parking scenarios. Designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and can be used indoors as well as outdoors, these IP66 rated chargers are capable of coping with a wide range of environmental factors.


Additional features

1. Password protection:

The Swift Pro charger solves this problem by incorporating password protection that ensures only authorized individuals can access the charger. This extra layer of security prevents fraudulent use, but also gives EV drivers peace of mind.


2. Scheduled loading:

The Swift Pro charger is designed with ease of use in mind, giving you the option to delay charging or set a specific charging time. This feature offers many benefits for EV owners. One of these benefits is optimized energy consumption. By scheduling off-peak charging when power demand is low, users can benefit from discounted electricity rates and save on utility bills.




ZEVpoint Swift Pro EV charger overall details:


It provides 7.2 kW EV charging facilities to consumers and institutions at an affordable price for electric cars. With its unique design, Arctic White color, IP66 rating, it is suitable for indoors & outdoors. It’s also a popular opinion by the product customers that it looks better than most chargers in terms of aesthetic appeal. This is critical if you’re buying any consumer product these days for your home, such as your ACs, & fridges etc.

The charger provides easy touch screen controls with its LCD display built in. It allows the user to schedule the charging time without the inconvenience of switching off/on and monitoring it. You can set the charger to start charging at 11PM and continue till 4 in the morning. This is when the load at your home is lower, and this is especially beneficial in some states like Maharashtra where electricity for powering your EV is cheaper at off-peak hours. It allows you to adjust the power as well, so if your connected load is running high due to all the ACs in the house running, you also have the option to lower the power to anywhere between 1.3 kW and 7.2 kW.

It adds a layer of security by allowing you to set a 6 digit password without which nobody else can access or misuse the charger. It has an intelligent safety chip which helps prevent excessive voltage or current, short circuits, leakage, grounding or charge point errors.

The price is 34,999, whereas this charger is priced between 45000 and 50,000 on the market, offering up to 15K savings. Compatible with all electric cars with a type-2 plug. Available on Amazon & Flipkart for direct purchase.

Adding a load/power adjustment and password protection is something most chargers in this price range do not offer. Suppose that the load is high in a house during the middle of summer and the charger output is adjusted between 6A and 32A, then the charger output will be adjusted lower than expected, resulting in a smaller range of power available between 1kW and 7.2kW.




Zevpoint is a 2019 Indian company committed to reducing vehicle pollution with the introduction of zero emission vehicles. The company started by providing EV charging infrastructure and offers simplified his EV charging solutions for both public and private use. In addition to building a network of electrical stations, Zevpoint also offers dedicated products such as the new affordable and easy-to-use Swift Pro EV charger, making it an ideal choice for home use. The company’s vision is to create a clean and sustainable future for India by enabling zero-emission vehicles and it is committed to achieving this through innovative and accessible solutions.

Overall, this new charger series demonstrates Zevpoint’s commitment to revolutionizing electric vehicle charging. Swift Pro Charger is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry as a result of its unique combination of user-friendly features, convenience, and efficiency. There is no doubt that companies like Zevpoint play an important role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation as adoption of electric vehicle continues to grow.



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