June 13, 2024

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On December 12, Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooters will be launched in India

On December 12, Gogoro Crossover Electric Scooters will be launched in India

It will have a range of about 100 kilometers, likely aimed at B2B users


A Taiwanese electric vehicle company has announced that it will launch its first product in India on December 12. This confirms the reports that had been spread regarding this launch were accurate. The Gogoro Crossover electric scooter is the first Gogoro model designed specifically for Indian markets. This is the first time Gogoro has announced the Crossover, which is scheduled to make its India debut in December with deliveries expected to begin in early 2024. Gogoro’s expansion strategy has already begun in Maharashtra with production underway.



With a wheelbase of over 1,400 mm, the Crossover is the largest Gogoro scooter to date, in terms of dimensions. It is referred to by the company as a ‘two-wheeled SUV’, as it is designed with a clear emphasis on utility and versatility. Based on a modified tubular steel frame, the Crossover is equipped with a long LED headlight surrounded by a shroud which serves as a load-bearing element. A telescopic front fork and twin rear shocks are fitted to the Crossover. It is equipped with twelve-inch wheels and disc brakes on both ends (220 millimeters for the front, 180 millimeters for the rear). A kerb weight of 126 kilograms is specified for the Crossover (with batteries), and a ground clearance of 142 millimeters is specified.



With a weight of 126 kilograms with batteries, the Crossover is designed to be as flexible as possible for gig workers. The split seat serves a dual purpose – the pillion seat can be folded to become a backrest for the rider, thereby allowing for additional storage space. There is even more storage capacity available due to the removable pillion seat. As part of Gogoro’s efforts to improve practicality, luggage racks will be available on the front and rear of the vehicle, as well as top cases and panniers.


There are two swappable battery packs located below the rider’s seat, each weighing just over 10 kg and capable of delivering approximately 1.6 kWh of power. With this configuration, a range of approximately 100 kilometers should be possible. Several Gogoro battery-swapping stations have already been established in the Delhi-NCR region. Full-scale battery production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2024. By expanding its swap network across major Indian cities, the company seeks to achieve rapid growth.


Currently, Indian-spec Crossover specifications are unknown, but the B2B model is expected to feature a motor under 3 kW and top speeds between 60 and 65 kmph. The version revealed abroad, on the other hand, is liquid-cooled and produces 7 kW and 26.6 Nm.



Its investment in Maharashtra amounts to $1.5 billion (approximately Rs 12,300 crore), and it aims to take advantage of the gig economy that is booming in India. In addition to Swiggy and Zomato, Zypp Electric, a company that delivers exclusively electric vehicles, has already announced key partnerships. HPCL’s fuel stations will also house Gogoro’s battery cabinets in the future, to find space for its swapping stations nationwide.


With the help of Gogoro’s tech platform and swappable batteries, Hero MotoCorp is developing an all-new scooter in India. Several two-wheeler brands, including Suzuki and Yamaha in Taiwan, have already partnered with the company. Once its battery swap system is established as appealing and practical in trying Indian conditions, the company expects more manufacturers to adopt it.


Gogoro reportedly decided to localize its scooter because it wanted to make it more affordable. When Gogoro unbundles the batteries from the Crossover and offers them as subscription-based services, the Crossover’s initial cost is likely to be lowered, and a variety of plans will likely be offered, including a pay-per-use model and a monthly fee structure for fleet operators.




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