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Much Awaited Electric Cars Sales Report – Feb’ 23

Electric car models of various automobile firms

With the advent of battery technology, the automobile industry is shifting towards electric vehicles from the gasoline ones. As electric vehicles contain more advantages rather than disadvantages, various countries across the world invest in manufacturing different types of electric vehicles such as electric scooters, e-bikes, electric cars, and e-bus. In the recent years, India has manufactured numerous electric vehicles with various features and the sales of those showed a great surge. Here, we will discuss the electric car sales for the month of February 2023.

Customers from various states in India bought electric cars from the top automobile companies and some new startups have also come with innovative models. 

Analysis of the electric four wheelers sales

As businesses welcome this zero carbon emission technology and customers show interest towards buying electric vehicles, the total electric car sales for the month of Feb’ 23 is 4,556. Most of the sales were covered by TATA Motors, which has gained much popularity in the EV manufacturing with total sales of 5318 for Feb’ 23 alone. The sales count is more than 50% higher than the January 2023’s delivered cars. The company has four different EV models, namely, TATA Tigor EV, TATA Xpres-T, TATA NEXON EV, and TATA Tiago EV. 


E-car manufacturer Feb’ 23 Jan’ 23 Feb’ 22 YoY% MoM%
TATA Motors 3,776 2,426 2,316 63.04


MG Motors 345 425 38 807.89 -19
BYD India 228 132 12 1800.0 73
BMW India 54 123 0.0 -56
Hyundai Motors 48 111 8 500.0 -57
Volvo Auto India 32 28 0.0 14
Mercedes-Benz 30 39 4 650.0 -23
KIA Motors 27 46 0.0 -41
AUDI AG 8 8 8 0.0 0
Mahindra & Mahindra 7 12 -41.67 0
Others 5 8 51 -90.20 -38
Total 4,560 3,346 2,449 86.20 36


Followed by TATA, MG Motors grabbed the second position with a sale of 345 e-cars. But this time, a lower sales count for the firm than its Jan’ 23 numbers. BYD India delivered 228 electric cars and this made the company to maintain its third position consecutively. 

Electric car sales report

BMW, Hyundai Motors, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, KIA Motors have sold a decent number of e-cars and the values can be seen in the table above. Overall, the total number of electric four wheelers delivered last month is 4560, which is 1214 numbers greater than the gross sales of Jan’ 23. 

Electric car sales have come a long way when compared to its Feb’ 22 sales, which is 2,449,  almost 53% lesser than the Feb’ 23 sales.

Bottom Line

Electric vehicle sales in India have seen steady growth over the past few years, with increasing interest from both consumers and the government. The Indian government has implemented a number of incentives and policies to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, including tax breaks, subsidies, and infrastructure investments. However, the government’s commitment to promoting electric vehicles and increasing infrastructure investment suggests that the sector is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

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