December 11, 2023

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MG Motor partners Attero to recycle Li-ion batteries 

MG Motor partners Attero

MG Motor partners Attero to recycle Li-ion batteries 

MG Motor India has made an announcement that it has partnered with Attero for the recycling of electric vehicle batteries in India. The joint venture aims to reuse and recycle the lithium-ion batteries used in the company’s ZS EV units.

MG Motor partners Attero

MG Motor India President and Managing Director Rajeev Chaba said “We have been continuously working on expanding the ecosystem in the EV space, as one of the first entrants in the segment. The partnership with Attero gives our customers more confidence with respect to the battery’s end-of-life usage. The move will assist in responsible recycling and will further minimise the carbon footprint of ZS EV users while supporting the local economy.”

The company had launched its second SUV ZS EV and it has collaborated with several charging infrastructure providers to install charging stations at the company’s dealerships and customer residences.

MG Motors Partners Umicore for recycling used Li-ion batteries

In 2019, MG Motors had also announced its partnership with Umicore, a lithium-ion battery recycling solutions provider for effective life cycle management of the lithium-ion batteries to be used in the e-ZS electric vehicle.

The company said in a press release, “Umicore is one of few companies that offer a complete recycling journey for Li-ion batteries. Umicore holds extensive expertise in end-to-end battery life cycle management and a unique battery value chain that guarantees better operational efficiency, supply security, and speed of response.”

MG Motors had also made a partnership with Exicom to effectively make use of used lithium-ion batteries that can be used in its electric vehicles. The company says that these battery packs can be used in applications such as home inverters, commercial and industrial UPS, and renewable energy storage.

MG Motors India partners IIT Delhi for EVs & automotive research

It had also announced its partnership with IIT Delhi for electric vehicles & automotive research. The partnership will facilitate the research at the Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology (CART) for research in the field of electric and autonomous vehicles.

MG’s partnership with eChargeBays is the latest among the series of alliances with EV charging players who are aimed at creating a dynamic charging infrastructure across the country. It has already partnered with Fortum and Delta Electronics India for the fast charging and slow charging segments, respectively.


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