May 28, 2024

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Maharashtra is ready for pure electric performance with Ultraviolet F77
Maharashtra is ready for pure electric performance with Ultraviolet F77

Maharashtra is ready for pure electric performance with Ultraviolet F77

With deliveries in Mumbai and Pune, the Ultraviolette F77 has landed in Maharashtra

Bangalore-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ultraviolet Automotive Limited, backed by TVS Motor Company, has finally launched India’s highest-performance and longest-range electric bike, the F77, in Maharashtra, Mumbai, and India. Announced that it would start delivering to Pune. With F77, Maharashtra ushers in an all-powerful performance experience. This will be their most memorable experience with the Ultraviolette EV.


The electric motorcycle F77 has a 4 kW motor and a lithium-ion battery and has a range of up to 180 km. The motorcycle is also equipped with advanced features such as regenerative braking, traction control, and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app for remote access. The F77 is sure to revolutionize the electric two-wheeler market in India.

The F77 electric sports bike’s design is one of its most appealing aspects. With a sporty design, the Ultraviolette F77 electric bike focuses on aerodynamics. These bikes feature sophisticated headlights, front and rear disc brakes, USD forks, alloy wheels, and more. The electric sports bike’s futuristic design includes a trellis frame, USD forks, and monoshock rear suspension. A fully digital instrument cluster on the electric sports bike displays all relevant data such as speed, battery life, and range.

The F77 electric sports bike is a smart bike with a wide range of functions. The bike comes with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app that allows riders to monitor performance, track location and receive notifications if issues arise. Riders can use the app to customize bike settings and performance to their liking.

The Ultraviolet F77 electric sports bike is priced from Rs 3.8 million to Rs 5.5 million (excluding showrooms). The manufacturer is confident that the bike’s features and performance are worth the price.

This e-bike comes in two variants, the F77 and F77 Recon, and a limited edition of 77 units. The Ultraviolet F77 is available in three modes: Glide, Combat, and Ballistic. The F77 comes in three color options: Shadow, Airstrike, and Laser.

Specifications of UV F77 and its variants









Rs 3.8 LAKHS (Ex-showroom)

Rs 4.55 lakhs (Ex-showroom)

Rs 5.50 lakhs (Ex-showroom)


27 KW (36.2 hp)

29KW (38.8 hp)

30 KW (40.5hp)


85 NM

95 NM

100 NM


7.1 kWh

10.3 kWh

10.3 kWh


206 KM (IDC Est)

307 KM (IDC Est)

307 KM (IDC Est)

The launch of the Ultraviolet F77 electric sports bike marks a significant step in promoting electric vehicle adoption in India. They slowly covered the states with India’s fastest electric motorcycle F77, and now they have landed in Maharashtra by delivering in Mumbai and Pune. With a remarkable level of performance and equipment, the F77 will delight motorcycle enthusiasts and revolutionize the future of high-performance electric motorcycles.  

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