June 20, 2024

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List of some of the prominent Lithium ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Here is a list of some of the prominent Lithium ion Battery Manufacturers in India:

  • Servotech Power Systems: They are the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer in India, providing the best power backup solutions with different range of lithium-ion batteries for various applications like solar power systems & energy storagesystems.

  • Amara Raja Batteries:They are also one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers in India. They have embraced lithium battery technology to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy storage solutions.

  • Exide Industries:A household name in the battery industry, Exide Industries has also ventured into lithium battery manufacturing. They are a well known and trusted name in the battery industry overall.

  • CLN – Energy:They are a prominent player in Indian Lithium battery manufacturing space.

  • Waaree Ess:They are another big name in manufacturing Lithium ion batteries. Their offerings include various batteries for various applications.

  • Su-Kam Power Systems:They are a renowned company in India that deals in power backup solutions and they also manufacture Lithium ion batteries.


  • Battrixx:They are a company that designs, develops and manufactures lithium ion battery packs for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

  • PPAP Technology:They are a company involved in Research, Design, Development & Manufacturing of Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries.

  • Sainik Industries:They are a Tier 1 Battery manufacturer specializing in Lithium Ion Batteries for E-Mobility and Energy Storage Applications.

  • Sanvaru Technology:They are a company that designs and manufactures advanced Lithium ion batteries for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other companies that are also manufacturing Lithium ion batteries in India. The Lithium ion battery manufacturing sector is growing rapidly in India, driven by the increasing demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage solutions.

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