May 24, 2024

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Key less: user-programmable password, Generation 7 Electric Motorbike

Electric Motorbike

 Electric Motorbike

Generation 7 Electric Motorbike from Monday motorbikes with the all-new Generation 7 motorbike for its consumers looking out for some stylish yet elegant motorbike.  Let us have a look at Keyless- user-programmable password, Generation 7 Electric Motorbike.

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Monday Motobikes Created By The Passionate Riders

The Monday Motobikes was created by the riders who are interested to make the environment fun and comfort to ride motorbikes. They have combined the old school design model with new school technology. The Monday motorbike offers clean, stylish and easy to use motorbikes that will be most helpful in the urban transportation facilities.

 Electric Motorbike
Electric Motorbike

No Requirement Of License Or Registrations To Ride M1

M1 can be used for the city commutes and there will be no requirement for the consumers to have license or registrations. The M1 can be ridden by any person in the world. With over 75 years and 200,000+ miles of riding experience.

When You Run Out Of Batteries Pedal Home

The motorbike has the Keyless, user-programmable password with a USB port to charge your mobile devices, so no need to worry about your mobile’s charging while commuting. The rear brakes through kinetic energy charge your batteries when you slow down your EV. The batteries can be removed with the theft-resistant quick-release and charged inside your home just like your laptop, in case if you do not have space in your garage.

Electric Motorbike

If your battery is low or you run out of batteries you can simply pedal home. It also has energy reserve option that can take to 2 miles when you need it.

Features Of Generation 7 Electric Motorbike

  • Rang up to 50 mile
  • charging at any normal outlet
  • Advanced lithium chemistry
  • No keys required
  • lifespan 5-8 years (Average)
  • No Twist the throttle and go

  • No gears to shift
  • No clutch to hold
  • Independent pedal and motor drive smooth, comfort, balanced ride
  • Zero maintenance
  • Two modes of performance
  • Quiet while riding
  • Brushless Dc permanent magnet motor
Electric Motorbike
Electric Motorbike

Specifications of Generation 7 Electric Motorbike

  • Two modes of operations- 1. Econ Mode (750 watts) 2. Sports Mode (5,500 watts)
  • Patent drive train
  • 17″ forged aqluminum mag wheels
  • Removable proprietary battery- 72V/31.2 Ahr
  • LCD dash

  • High/Low beam LED headlights
  • Dual piston hydraulic brake
  • Regenerative braking
  • Top speed- 20 mph(Econ), 45 mph (sport)
  • Total weight- 170 lbs
  • Range- 50-100 miles
  • Charging time- 5 hour


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