June 22, 2024

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Introducing the Toyota Urban SUV concept based on the Maruti EVX .

Urban SUV concept from Toyota

In the form of a concept, Toyota has unveiled the first renderings and specifications for its upcoming mid-size electric SUV. Toyota Urban SUV is the second-generation electric SUV launched by the Japanese automaker, following the launch of Toyota EVX next year.


Toyota’s Urban SUV is expected to be similar to Maruti’s EVX in many respects :-

As a result of economies of scale, the Urban SUV will be based on the same engineering platform as the Maruti EVX. As with the current shared models between the two brands, the similarities will not be limited to the platform and mechanical components, but will extend to the exterior body panels and interior trim as well.

Toyota has indicated that the Urban SUV will have a length of 4,300mm, a width of 1,820mm, and a height of 1,620mm. The dimensions are pretty similar to those of the Maruti EVX, which has the same length, but a 20mm shorter height and width. A wheelbase of 2,700mm will also be shared by both models.

While the interior of the Toyota Urban SUV has yet to be revealed, Suzuki has provided a sneak peek at the interior of the EVX, and we can expect the same for Toyota’s version as well. Thanks to the built-EV skateboard platform, it will have plenty of interior space and flexibility.

Toyota’s EVX-powered Urban SUV will also feature luxurious interiors and an impressive selection of amenities, safety features, and technology.

Toyota’s EVX-powered Urban SUV will also feature luxurious interiors and an impressive selection of amenities, safety features, and technology.

Platform and powertrain of the Toyota Urban SUV

The Urban SUV will share the platform with the EVX. This will be a 27PL skateboard that will be heavily localized in India and will be built at Suzuki’s Gujarat facility for export and domestic markets. As outlined in our previous report, this plant is projected for an annual production of more than 1.25 lakh units.

The Toyota Urban SUV will be available in two versions, each offering a different battery pack. The higher-spec variant will offer a range of 400km-plus. Toyota’s promotional material indicates that in certain markets, the SUV will be available with front-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive configurations.

Timeline for Toyota Urban SUV launch

In its commercial iteration, this SUV will mark Toyota’s initial foray into the electrified SUV market within European territories.

Toyota has announced that it is planning to launch three electric SUVs in Europe, one of which is expected to be the made in India Urban SUV. The company is also preparing two other electric SUVs: the bZ sport crossover and the compact SUV crossover.

It is anticipated that Toyota will introduce the Urban SUV to the European market within the coming months, subsequent to the release of the production version of the Suzuki electric SUV, which is anticipated to enter showrooms during the fall season of 2024. Please stay tuned for more information.



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