May 24, 2024

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Indonesia converted 10 motorcycles to electric under pilot project

Indonesia converted 10 motorcycles

Indonesia converted 10 motorcycles to electric under pilot project 

Indonesia has launched a pilot project to convert combustion engine motorcycles into electric vehicles as part of its national drive to make the transportation more eco-friendly said the energy ministry. Read further to know more about Indonesia converted 10 motorcycles to electric. 

The ministry in a statement said that 10 motorcycles have been successfully converted under the project and aim to convert more than 90 vehicles by November. The government has set a target of having 13 million electric motorbikes including the retrofitted and 2.2 million electric cars on the roads by 2030.

It has pledged that by 2050 it will ban all sales of vehicles that are powered by combustion engines. Energy Minister Arifin Tasrif said that “To create economies of scale, we have to create a market.” The transport ministry said in an official statement that the Indonesian government is also working to convert the public buses into electric.

The country aims to become a global hub for the production of batteries and electric vehicles. It will take advantage of its rich supplies of nickel laterite ore that is used in lithium-ion batteries.

In 2019, Indonesia senior official at the Industry Ministry had said that it will start electric vehicle production in 2022. Many companies disclosed their investment in the country. The country is looking forward to pushing the adoption of EV and battery production facilities to develop a downstream industry for the country.

As the rich supplies of the nickel laterite ore which are used in the Li-ion batteries. The companies such as Industry Ministry Toyota Motor Corp and Hyundai revealed the plan to build the EV plants in Indonesia which are Southeast Asia’s second-largest car production hub.

In the next 5 years, Toyota will invest $2 billion in Indonesia to produce EVs said Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto. By 2022 the production of electric vehicles should start said the director-general of metal, machinery, transportation, and electronics at the Industry Ministry. The government aims to reach a 20% share of the national car production by 2025.

The government is also offering tax holidays for the companies that are producing EV batteries in Indonesia. Indonesia has a great potential to develop EVs as it has all the required materials used to produce EVs. Some of the companies are also developing smelters with high-pressure acid leach (HPAL) Technology to produce the battery chemicals in Indonesia including China‘s Tsingshan Group.

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