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India’s Top 10 electric vehicle charging stations

India’s Top 10 electric vehicle charging stations

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Do you own an electric vehicle in India? Do you often look for charging stations but have trouble finding them near you? In this case, it isn’t necessarily your fault, but the lack of infrastructure in India may be a contributing factor. According to 2022 data, the global average is 6-20 EVs per charger, while India has only one charger for 135 EVs. That’s a big difference. But as the number of EVs on the road grows, the need for a robust EV charging infrastructure becomes more important. Lack of proper equipment is no excuse. However, as our country moves towards a greener future and government support increases, this gap is expected to close soon.

Therefore, we recognize the importance of better understanding India’s EV charging infrastructure. To make things easier, we researched a list of the most prominent EV recharging station providers in India. We also researched a list of the most impressive charging stations in the country’s most populous cities and states. These include Bangalore, Mumbai, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This article will help you find reliable charging options across the country, regardless of whether you already own an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one. The first thing we need to understand is what an EV Charging Station Company or CPO (Charge Point Operator) actually does.


EV charging stations


What exactly is a charging point operator?

CPOs are E-Mobility industry participants who build and manage charging stations for electric vehicles. They purchase and install equipment from multiple vendors (those who manufacture charging station components such as chargers, plugs, etc.) and manage the network infrastructure to make EV recharging easy and seamless. Simply put, they own the charging station because their name is on it.

Let’s look at some of the leading EV charging companies in India. Let’s start with the biggest market players. 


Tata Power

When it comes to charging electric vehicles, we can all agree that no other brand is as known as Tata Power India. Your company is its CPO, the largest in the country for EV charging infrastructure. We use all kinds of chargers such as DC 001, AC, Type 2 and fast DC chargers with capacities up to 50kWh for cars and up to 240kWh for buses. With an extensive network of over 24,000 public and semi-public chargers scattered across 300 cities and federal highways, we solve the nation’s biggest charging problem for EV owners. 




Ather Energy

It is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles based in Bangalore. At the same time, the company is building an electric vehicle charging infrastructure via its Ather Grid Network. They have installed about 500 Ather fast-charging networks in 56 cities in India, mostly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. This makes it one of the fastest recharge networks for two-wheelers. Although primarily designed for charging two-wheelers, fully electric four-wheelers can also use fast-charging stations. 



Charge Zone

This CPO is based in Vadodara, Gujarat, and has charging stations all over the country. Their EV charging and battery-swapping services are available across India. The company mostly uses DC quick chargers, which charge 80% to 100% in 30-40 minutes. Additionally, the size of the battery may affect how long it takes to charge. Charge Zone has more than 750 charging stations across 25 locations. The Gujarat-Maharashtra national highway got electrified with 20 app-driven, unmanned EV charging stations recently.




Based in Bangalore, this startup offers a variety of services. Kirana Charzer, powered by IoT, is a low-cost, compact, and intelligent EV charging station. This low cost of these portable chargers makes them popular with small businesses, restaurants, homeowners, offices, or individuals looking to supplement their income. In a nutshell, low-cost charging stations are suitable for electric vehicles, scooters, and automobiles. Across the country, it has installed more than 800 charging stations. 




The company, one of the major players in India’s electric vehicle industry, claims to have built over 600 charging stations in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Recently, Statiq partnered with HPCL to deploy 200 electric vehicle charging stations on UP, Bihar and Uttarakhand highways. 



Zeon Charging

It is one of the fastest growing public electric vehicle charging networks in Tamil Nadu. The company has set up electric vehicle charging stations at convenient locations, especially in South India. The company plans to install 150kW chargers along with 50kW and 120kW chargers to serve its high-end EV customers. 



Exicom EV charging

They are one of India’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations. The company started with the installation of its first EV charger in 2018 and reached the milestone of installing its 5000th EV charger in 2022. In those days, the company was present in 200 cities and 20 states in the country. 



Ola Hypercharger

With Ola’s popularity growing in the Indian EV market, the company is building a large network of EV charging stations. They already have 50 hyperchargers deployed in 13 states and hope to add 4,000 more. They have a particular focus on condominiums and BPCL stations. 



Magenta Power

Magenta Mobility has been a key player in the EV charging market since its launch in 2017. The company is building a nationwide network called Charge Grid. We currently offer electric vehicle charging stations in more than 25 cities. As of July 2022, there are over 116 electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi. The company plans to build around 4,000 electric vehicle power stations across Maharashtra.




A forward-thinking company committed to a cleaner and greener environment. The company is expanding its charging network across India by installing EV chargers at strategic locations. As well as franchising, they partner with businesses like restaurants, malls, and other commercial venues frequented by EV owners. 



As well as the charging stations mentioned above, there are also other top-rated charging stations across the country. Here they are:

  • Delta Electronics
  • Mass-Tech Controls
  • ABB
  • BrightBlu
  • Panasonic
  • Ensto



Need for EV charging stations


Charging infrastructure plays a significant role in electric vehicle use. Without aggressive planning, the mass-market adoption of EVs is unlikely. The charging infrastructure includes all the hardware and software to ensure safe vehicle charging.

Acceptable charging times combined with strategic charging locations will improve battery electric vehicles (BEV) capabilities and reduce public charging requirements. Based on the optimal charging strategy, it suggests the required electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in different types of locations (home, work, commercial parking, etc.).

The introduction of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV), including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), has the potential to improve India’s energy and environmental landscape. Electric vehicles cost 45% less than gasoline or diesel. However, this would require the installation of large charging stations across the country. Hence, this is the main reason behind the high demand for EV charging stations in various cities in India. 


The future of transportation lies In electric vehicles. As electric vehicles become more popular, it becomes a necessity to integrate solar chargers into electric vehicles and bicycles. One of the most effective electric vehicles ways to reduce India’s reliance on fossil fuels and increase the diversity of transport is to install electric vehicle charging stations. 


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