July 23, 2024

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India’s First Heavy-Duty EV Truck: Infraprime

India’s First Heavy-Duty EV Truck

An Indian startup – Infraprime Logistics Technology (IPLT) has made India’s First Heavy-Duty EV  Truck. Its a 60-tonne truck and was fully designed, developed and built in India. It utilizes four major computer systems – motor control, transmission, battery management, and battery charging system. This is the one and only electric vehicle in India to feature an automatic transmission for a two-speed operation, till the date.


India’s First Heavy-Duty EV Truck

The truck is primarily a medium-haul logistics vehicle for transporting materials from mines for construction sites, cement companies, etc. The claimed range is 400 km without payload and 200 km with load. It can handle a 20-degree gradient, which is higher than diesel trucks.


Battery Pack and Charging System

The IPLT electric truck is equipped with a sophisticated battery cooling system. The system comes with liquid refrigerant, which is in contact not with the battery pack but with each of the cells. The 265-kWh battery pack weighs above 2 Metric-Tonnes and is one of the largest packs in use in India. The 20-kWh Lithium Titanate battery can be charged under eight minutes using 160-kW twin gun fast charger.

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The truck was Launched on 1 August, and it is currently not available for commercial sale and will only operate in transport fleets. The manufacturer plans to roll out five trucks in the coming 1.5 months and produce 50-60 trucks per month starting from January 2020, from its plant in Ghaziabad.



The cost per km of IPLT electric truck will be about Rs 10/km, which is significantly low when compared to a diesel truck’s Rs 30/km. Besides this, lower EV tax and low cost of maintenance, an electric truck can deliver a profit margin about three times higher than a diesel one.




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