May 27, 2024

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Indian Government: No to Autonomous Vehicles, Yes to EV

Indian Government - No to Autonomous Vehicles, Yes to EV

Indian Government has taken a tough decision by saying no to Self-driving cars. the Indian Road Transport & Highway Minister stated: “Allowing driverless cars in India leads to a reduction of employment opportunities in India”.

Indian Government encouraging EVs instead of Driverless Vehicles

Nitin Gadkari, The Road Transport & Highway Minister said that self-driving cars are not to be allowed in India. India will focus on Electric vehicles rather than the driverless cars. Encouraging self-driving cars decision may lead to unemployment in India. The cab drivers may lose their jobs as its already a shortage of the field.

There are rare skilled drivers in India mainly in rural areas. This shortage may increase to 50% by 2020, according to a survey. “We need technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and electronics. But, at the same time, we have to protect the employment of the country’s youth,” said Gadkari.

“The need of the hour is electric vehicles that are less polluting and more energy-efficient than cars running on conventional fossil fuels.” He says providing employment opportunity to everyone is the first need in India.

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