May 24, 2024

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India Surpassed China in terms of Electric Vehicles Usage

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Sounds odd to believe but it’s true, India beats China in the usage of Electric vehicles. According to the Bloomberg report, India has surpassed China in terms of the number of EVs in use currently.

Its surprising to know that three-wheelers are the major contributors to EVs usage. India is now home to about 15 lakhs of battery -powered three-wheeled rickshaws which is more than the passenger cars sold in China since 2011.

E rickshaws are faster, reliable and no pedaling required. Rickshaw Walas can earn money with ease, comfort, and pollution free travel using e Rickshaws.

Exemption of Commercial Permits on Electric Vehicles

If you are an electric vehicle owner or planning to buy one in India? then this news is for you. Electric Vehicles owners no need to pay Commercial permit fees to their respective state governments. This new law benefits in an increase in the number of electric buses and auto-rickshaws in cities.

Permit Fees And Permit Period in Delhi

Currently, for the local permit, Delhi government charging 2,000 rupees for 5 years on Light Goods Vehicle(LGV) and ₹2,500 on Heavy Goods Vehicle. For the National permit, Delhi government charging 2,015 rupees for 5 years on Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) and ₹2,515 on Heavy Goods Vehicle.

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