May 27, 2024

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Hybrid SUV Car-Alfa Romeo Tonale

Hybrid SUV Car

Hybrid SUV Car-Alfa Romeo, an Italian luxury car manufacturer, unveiled the Tonale concept, a compact SUV in the Geneva Motor show 2019. 

Hybrid SUV Car-Alfa Romeo Tonale

It is a retro style and design cues remind you of the retro days. Yet it is more stylised and retro, one can have in this century.

The Tonale concept showcases the Italian automaker’s first plug-in hybrid car which is smaller than the present Stelvio car. Tonale concept car’s tires remind us the old retro style telephone’s rotary dial and mid-engine 33 Stradale of the 1960s.

Hybrid SUV Car
Hybrid SUV Car

The Tonale name represents the Tonale pass which is located in the Alps and is actually connected to the Stelvio which named as European road. 

Features Of Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid SUV Car

Exteriors Features 

The Tonale hybrid features include when it is described as the human it has the distinctive face, overhanging nose and a grill in the middle. Three Bulb headlights complete its exterior appearance.

Hybrid SUV Car
Hybrid SUV Car

The long bonnet stretched to the back towards the windscreen with the roofline curving down towards the rear and the taillights are in the single strip.

Interiors Features 

If we talk about the interiors it has space for four people to sit, the driver has 12.3-inch instrument cluster, 0.25-inch touchscreen, with three different driving modes which include -Normal, Dual Power,
and Advanced E. Throttle, brake and steering settings can be personalized with the help of the E-mozionne button. 

Hybrid SUV Car

Price And Launch Of Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid SUV Car

The electric motor will be fixed at the rear to have the best performance. The technical details yet to be released by the company. Alfa Romeo Tonale’s expected price can be around 28 Lakhs and expected launch date is 2021. 


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